Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

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Name: Piax
Relevant Social Media: PiaxVGC (twitter) , Piax#1978
Formats Played:
I have some experience in vgc and in team-based tournaments, looking to have fun (playing mons? idk). results: t32 EUIC 19, t16 Turin SPE 17
Name: pocoyo
Relevant Social Media: @_pocoyoooo, pocoyo#3835
Formats Played: VGC2022
Bio: Top cut some small grassroot tournaments, top cut Desafio Latam twice. Current roster for Indonesia national team. I can do chores (scouting, making schedule image, spreadsheet stuffs)
Name: TheSturdyGraveler
Relevant Social Media: @SturdyGraveler (Twitter), TheSturdyGraveler#7230 (Discord)
Formats Played: All formats from 17 to 22, most likely need a refresher for older formats than gen 8
Bio: Top 500 placement April IC, In and out of the top 500 on PS and cart. Champion AML (with the Articuno Blues)
Name: ironknuckle
Relevant Social Media: ironknuckle#4458 discord account
Formats Played:
all gen 8, most gen 7 formats
new to smogon, but regular vgc player on cart and on some discords
Name: Huston
Relevant social media: SkyeFallVGC on Twitter
Formats played: S12
Bio: top 8 VR in S9, multiple mt silver cuts and other online cuts in S9-12
Name: Pixxels
Relevant Social Media: 22kLight on tweeter!
Formats Played: all gen 8 format , 22
PGL S1, USPA team Georgia, mutliple mt.silver cuts and other small tours, dou wcup 2021 APAC member
Aldrich tutors me
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