Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

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Relevant Social Media:Discord-Chrome#6494
Formats Played:s12,s10
Bio: Top cut fall scramble 2021 with the #1 seed in my group and a 13-3 record, I ladder a bit, consistently peaked at 1750+ since s7. Also an active and positive chat presence if you care about that.

Namuko Pro

THE Mr. 34.5k
Name: Namuko Pro
Relevant Social Media: Twitter is for losers
Formats Played:
Gen 8
To be honest I've barely touched the game over the past few months but when I play I'm usually good. My availability will be somewhat spotty but I might be freeing up more over the next few weeks and will make a good effort to stay on top of the format. Really though no clue how available/active I will be so I'm a good 3k since I may be able to play most weeks and would be pretty easy for me to pick up a team and play as needed but you run a big risk of being disappointed if you go much more than that. Generally in draft leagues I am pretty reliable for going over .500 if you ignore my 0-3 performance in VGC 2015 in Winter League (but 1-0 in Series 12 :blobthinking:).

I'll try and learn a few Series 12 teams by the time Week 1 rolls around. My Player's Cup finishes were T16 NA, Global Finals, 19th NA (6-1 -> 6-3 RIP), so I can play any of the formats in the gen 8 rotation as well. I have a non-zero amount of experience in the Gen 7 formats but it is pretty close to zero, so I can play one of those as an emergency but planning to put me there would go quite poorly (I went positive in Ultra Series in NPA that year though LOL).

The Goomy

Whitest Mexican Alive
Name: The Goomy
Relevant Social Media: Smogon Account
Formats Played: Series 12
Bio: 1000s of ladder games throughout SS VGC. Made finals of every PC/MSS I’ve attended. Finished 6-3 at Collinsville regional. Participant in NPA. Winner of AML. Lover of LunalaDon.
Name: realbmorebrass
Relevant social media: Discord: realbmorebrass#7487
Formats played: All SWSH formats
Bio: 3-2 in NPA for Birds, Top 16 Champions Cup (Wolfe/aDrive tourney)
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관련 미디어: I don't have any media
재생 형식:s12,s11, s10
Bio: s6 , s10때 레이팅 1800점을 찍은 적이 있다. 공식대회에서 top16에 든적이 있다. 그외에 8강에 든적도 있다
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