Smogon VGCPL II - Player Signups (Custom Avatar Prize)

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Name: Yale
Relevant Social Media:
@yalevgc (twitter) israfil #9998 (discord)
Formats Played: VGC 2016, 2017,2018,2019. For Sw&Sh only series 12
Bio: Won one of the biggest online tournament on gen 7 (trainer tower open)
Name: Dutch Turtle
Relevant Socials: @Dutch_Turtle_ on twitter, Black_Turtle#4401 on discord.
Formats played: most of 2020, most of 2021, 2022
Bio: Started really playing in covid times, played my first in person tour this weekend at EUIC. Finished 4-5, but I feel like there was a lot more potential to be extracted if I had had more experience. Hence why I'm stoked to join a league like this!


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Name: luisin
Relevant Social Media: @LightScreener
Formats Played: GEN 7, 2022 (with teams)
Bio: kek
Name: iiSalad or Jack White
Social Media: iiSalad on Twitter, Discord, Twitch
Formats Played: All SW/SH Formats, spent a lot of time on S12.
Bio: Had some solid recent results, started 3-1 at liverpool vs very tough opponents, 6-3 in recent VR tour, very committed and big team player, buy me super cheap most likely!
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