Tournament Extremely Good Little Cup Forum Little Cup Tour (Won by PD)


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beat nineage in 2 ggs!

Fiend when do you wanna play
we have shitty timezones (i'm gmt -8, you're like +2??), and i work + school, so either late--11pm?--or early--8 through 11--my time sat/sun. or after 6 my time thursday/friday. take your pick nerd
(fran17 vs. Mr. Highways) vs. Fiend - maybe hit me up w an explanation, boys in the first game
Chill Shadow vs. Sam-testings - sams imma just warn u this man has won a smog tour week iirc
Heysup vs. Elise - tcr appears to have perished, good luck elise
PD vs. TUO - personally id be stunned if TUO connects a single move w accuracy <98%
(Kaboom vs. ZoroarkForever) vs. Shrug - im like this close to double eliminating u guys for act and giving me the bye, pls explain sum1
(TheFenderStory vs. Arifeen) vs. Megazard - first two explain
Star. vs. (WaterlessMelon vs. rssp1) - extended
Alice Kazumi vs. Quote - neither of u be intimidated by the other

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