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What a beautiful face, I have found in this place
gave win. too lazy to fite/schedule. also ps keeps being weird and crashes my computer occasionally.
I played Heysup Wednesday, October 12, 2016. We played around 5:45pm Gmt-5. I came into game 1 with complete confidence. I lost due to hazard stacking and a few missplays on my part. Game 2 came and I had to bring my Go-To amaura/trubbish hazard stack. I feel like I played the first portion pretty well. His porygon/drilbur/mienfoo took the lead quite magnificently as his aggressive plays overcame me for a small amount of time, but in the end I brought home the win game 2. Game 3 began and I wanted to bring something completely and maybe a bit foolishly, unorthodox. From team preview, things weren't looking so well. As things played out, it was an even game towards the beginning. I made many missplays with his Gastly. In the end my archen came through and landed a stone edge on his magby. His zigzagoon came in for the bd sweep. All was looking well for Heysup....until, my miraculous signature pokemon: Kabuto, came in. I frantically modded the chat and roomvoiced The Bleeding . Together we spent around 45 seconds chanting the word "Crit" in a last effort to take the game. Believe it or not, someone heard our call, and blessed us with the aqua jet crit on zigzagoon's seed bomb. He went with gastly and missed a willo-wisp(probably didnt matter as knockoff + aqua jet killed from that range anyways).

Moral of the story: I'm complete shit. GG won vs. Heysup in 3 anticipated, but Unprecedented matches. Game 1 Game 2 Game 3​

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