Which trees to use for development?


I am a developer who is starting to feel burnout from a large personal project that I am working on. In the past when I have felt such burnout, I have found another project in which I can play a smaller role, and contributed patches for it between milestones of my personal project. Since much of my (scarce) spare time over the last month has been spent playing Pokemon Platinum, I figured this would be a great project to contribute to.

I consider myself to be a competent Java programmer, though it has been a few years since I have used it extensively. I spent two years writing Java 1.4 code and a year writing Java 1.5 code.

My plan was to begin creating patches for bugs currently listed in the bug tracker, keeping in mind that claims in the bug tracker about how moves operate are not always accurate, and to submit patches in that ticket.

However, it seems that a couple of weeks ago new trees were created in CVS for the client and server, which seem to be quite different than the current tree.

My question is this: Is all new development happening in these trees? If I discover a bug in the bug tracker that is present in the old trees and not present in the new trees, should the ticket be closed, or is there some worth in fixing it in the old trees? Should bug fixes in the new trees be disclosed in the tickets?

Don't get me wrong, from the looks of things, I'd much rather be working on the new trees, but I was wondering what exactly the policy was.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to contributing code.


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I will be making an announcement about these new trees later today which should answer your questions. (Sorry for being vague but I don't want to duplicate the content of that post when I write it.)

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