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Smogon Metagames are divided in two groups:

- Official Metagames
- Core Metagames

Both Core and Official Metagames have top level subforums, official Tier Leaders, on-site analyses, and their suspect votes count towards the Tiering Contributor badge. The difference between both is that Core Metagames have Official Tournament representation, while Official Metagames aren't eligible for them for a given cycle. The list of Core Metagames is subject to change in very rare cases, but new metagames will be officialized without much issue as long as they meet the requirements listed below. The idea behind this is moving past the ambiguous "Officiality will not equate to obligatory representation in tournaments" policy and using a simpler system, which makes some decisions easier for the Tournament Director team and allows Smogon's Senior Staff to be more willing to officialize new metagames.

The following lists Core Metagames (which, again, are rarely subject to change):

:yveltal: Uber
:landorus-therian: OverUsed
:primarina: UnderUsed
:registeel: RarelyUsed
:slowbro: NeverUsed
:mesprit: PU
:pawniard: Little Cup
:amoonguss: Doubles OU

To become an Official Metagame, a meta game must have the following (and been determined to have met the criteria by Senior Staff):

- Large and active playerbase on the simulator
- Base of workers willing to create content for the site regarding the metagame
- High activity on the forums
- Leaders interested in making the metagame as competitive as possible
- Must be playable on the cartridges without an external device

The following lists current Official Metagames:
:mew: Monotype


"Who decides how much representation an Official Metagame gets?"

- The Tournament Directors.

"What about old gens?"

- Old gen OU tiers are eligible for tournament representation and the TDs decide how much they get. We are not changing the way we deal with old gens.

"What about VGC, etc?"

This policy only affects Smogon Metagames.

"Can Official Metagames be promoted to Core?"

Yes, but it is up to Tournament Director discretion.

"Does this means Monotype/Battle Spot/etc. aren't allowed to have tournaments?"

No, this only affects official tournament representation. Official Metagames can have as many unofficial tournaments as they want, but there will be no trophies up for grabs for them. Alternatively, Ribbons may be earned from unofficial tournament circuits.

Updated: December 10, 2018
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