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Tyranitar is a staple in SM cap thanks to its amazing mix of offense and defensive qualities. Its defensive typing and access to Pursuit make it a great check to the many Psychic-types that plague the tier like Reuniclus and Mega Alakazam. Furthermore its amazing Attack stat lets it pressure many defensive staples like Toxapex, Tornadus-T, while being able to run coverage moves for the likes of Equilibra, Ferrothorn, and Magearna. Its sand setting ability also help tier staples like Excadrill and Jumbao. However, due to its lack of reliable recovery its prone to get worn down overtime, especially with entry hazards up. And offensive Pokemon like Jumbao, Kartana, and Mega Medicham all threaten it immensely if they can get in against it.

name: Stealth Rock
move 1: Stone Edge
move 2: Pursuit
move 3: Superpower / Fire Punch / Crunch
move 4: Stealth Rock
item: Tyranitarite
ability: Sand Stream
nature: Adamant
evs: 160 HP / 224 Atk / 124 Spe


Stone Edge is a powerful STAB-move that forces damage upon most of the tier and can pressure hazard removers like Tornadus-T. Pursuit lets Tyranitar check Mega-Alakazam, Tapu Lele, and Tornadus-T better. Superpower lets it deal with Equilibra and can also damage the likes of Ferrothorn, Heatran, and Excadrill. Fire Punch also pressures Equilibra, albeit slightly less, however, it lets Tyranitar check Mega Mawile. Crunch is a more reliable STAB option and also lets Tyranitar check Reuniclus.

Set Details

The EV's let it outspeed Rotom-W and maximizes its Attack and bulk.

Usage Tips

Keeping Tyranitar healthy is key in match-ups against Pokemon it has to check. Pursuiting your opponent's offensive foes and threatening the defensive ones let it be useful.

Team Options

Excadrill is a superb teammate with how much it appreciates Tyranitars sand. Jumbao is also a stellar teammate as it abuses Tyranitars sand with Shore Up, but it can also keep it healthy with Wish support. They also take advantage of each other's checks; Jumbao can pressure Arghonaught meanwhile Tyranitar pressures Assault Vest Tornadus-T and Chansey.

Other Options

idk what to put here lol, ice punch? dd?

Checks and Counters

**Fighting-types & Coverages**: Fighting-types like Hawlucha, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Medicham resist both of Tyranitars STABs and force it out, and Pokemon that carry Fighting-type coverage like Mega Alakazam and Reuniclus can also threaten it

**Physical Walls**: Physical walls like Landorus-T, Arghonaught, and Skarmory stop Tyranitar from making progress and take advantage of it by setting up Hazards.

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