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What I mean is (forgive me, I'm new), What does this simulator have that makes it better than the original Shoddy? Aside from the aesthetic changes, of course. I have noticed those and they're very pretty.

I'm not scoffing at this, I'm just genuinely confused and don't know.


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Firstly, it's being actively maintained (Shoddy is no longer being worked on). As such, it has (or will eventually have) fewer bugs.
Secondly, I believe this has Pokémon nature/EV restrictions, so Pokémon like Arceus and Flare Blitz Entei are usable.
And finally, it supports 2v2 battles (and anything up to 6v6).

I'm sure there's more, but those are the improvements off the top of my head.
I'm a little confused too. 2v2 is really cool, but is that the only important change? I mean PO and Netbattle have had 2v2 for a long time now.
The client for Pokelab is also written in C++, which will allow it to have the 500 users without lag, that Shoddy would normally crumple under. I'm terrible at programming, so I can't really go into depth. There are plenty other people who could though.
It is essentially a restructuring that will make future additions much easier to implement for the development team. If you're not convinced that it's better than Shoddy now, then wait until they've shown how much it's going to be expanded.
:P JUst wait until the fifth gen gets implemented. Then you'll wonder. (and we'll be able to fix bugs much easier)
When 5th generation comes out, no doubt Pokemon Lab will be better. Its also cooler to battle on Pokemon Lab. They're about equal right now.
Whilst I'm sure that PokeLab is a lot smoother and more efficient than Shoddy, Shoddy allowed the use of alts. PokeLab forces the user to use their Smogon Forum account, and as per the rules on these forums, the use of alts are prohibited. Am I missing something, or can you not use any kind of alternate account on PokeLab? Personally, I would rather ladder and test teams under an alternate account. This is deliberate, but what is the problem with having alts on there? For testing purposes, I think alts are probably necessary.

This sole "issue" is probably one the reasons why people may choose Pokemon-Online over PokeLab. Would this be different for the other sites/groups when they're able to host their own servers on PokeLab? Or will it force uses to log in with their Smogon account?

This is definately a positive step from Shoddy, but it has taken too long for public release seeing as Pokemon-Online has already established itself properly. Only time will tell I guess to see if this becomes increasingly more popular than Pokemon-Online. Also I'm looking forward to the eventuality of the inclusion of the Gen 5 pokemon and metagame :3. A definate thanks and appreciation is in order to all those who have put in their time and effort into creating and programming PokeLab; there's a lot of hard work needed to code it, so well done PokeLab team!
Pokemon-Online is a joke, the RNG is... mystifying? The amount of one sided-hax it generates is flat out ridiculous. Pr(X)= 0.0016 isnt as rare as you think... PokeLab will be better. To be fair, PO does have an aesthetically better team builder and I like the trademark win/loss phrases you can preset.
what sets Poke lab from PO is pokelab will have better battlers 100% of the time.If you want fancy music and pretty colors and everyone using lead furret go to PO. But if you want a good chance to get a good battle pokelab or even shoody 1 will suffice.
Anonymous battling will soon be implemented.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of improvements in this beta alone:

  • Most accurate 4th gen Pokémon engine around (this is huge)
  • Being actively maintained, so bugs will be fixed
  • Improved interface with new features like auto-logging, timestamps in chat, muting, ignore, a sortable battle list with tiers, personal messages, an improved team builder
  • Better designed to handle server load
  • Better designed for future gen development
  • N v N Pokémon battles (from 2 v 2 and VGC to 6 v 6)
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