Gen 6 ORAS UBLT Playoffs (Won by Pohjis)

DontStealMyPenguin vs ericwangswim
Pohjis vs James Jimmy
low cunning vs samqian2
Darkdevil vs Serga
Have fun °o°


fly high
Assuming that I am paired with samqian2, I am tagging PoMMan to let him know that me and Samqian2 have decided already to play either on Friday or Saturday next week. We will decide a specific time and day later in the upcoming week.

I hope for a good series as my two previous ones were. If the Ladder Master fails as his duty, I hope you to carry on to the very end.
We decided to play today. I managed to pull through and beat my friend Samqian2 in two games.

Game 1:
Game 2:

Shout-out to Gunner Rohan for the teams.

Winner of Darkdevil and ericwangswim: contact me as soon as possible after your series is done so we can schedule and get this done before the end of next week. People probably want to watch the finals so I want to announce the time in this thread.
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I have come a long way from being one of the best ladder heroes of this generation and becoming one of the most known players in this tier and community. I still remember the days when I was top of the ladder with my good friend Gunner Rohan for several months. It has been nearly six months from those days and by that time I have gotten into the tournaments scene. I am still sad at my decision throwing away my Ubers Seasonal playoffs opportunity but I am really happy to finally announce that I have won this ORAS Ubers ladder tournament in two games.

Game 1:
Game 2:

I had to win the last game with the team I started this tier. I wanted to play two of the best ORAS ladder players, Dontstealmypenguin and Allistair, in this tournament but you can't get everything you want. Thank you to PoMMan for hosting this tournament. n_n

I don't want to tag everyone to give a special shout-out to each of you. Winning this tournament isn't that special but I will give a small special shout-out to few people and thank everyone else I remember. ^_^

Gunner Rohan: Long time friend that has improved a lot from the ladder days and from your great Ubers Open IV run. I threw my playoffs chances but I sure hope to see you there revenging for me. n_n

Magermilchpuur: A person I can trust 100% in everything. Has helped me a lot in this game and also in real life stuff. Thank you for being such a nice person and loyal to me.

ShadowQuinn: Same as with Magermilchpuur. Was a great honor to play with you in the latest UPL and I hope we can play many team tournaments together in the future.

Level 56: I have already said a lot of you but the consistence you have in nearly every tier is unbelieveable! You have supported me a lot and even though there is still time to the next Grand Slam, I hope you to take that seriously because you have the potential to get that turquoise trophy this time.

Hack: I played my best ever Ubers matches with you. I have learnt a lot from you in the last months and I agree with my two boys ShadowQuinn and GunnerRohan that it is really sad if you leave this game forever. I sure hope you won't do so.

Some good friends that also need to be mentioned: Gastrik, Samqian2, Daenys, Dilwar, Benbe, Hyw, Darrell1297, Low Cunning aka Allistair, Astounded, James Jimmy, Lord Outrage, Ogasian, Cranham, SparksBlade, Zoroarkforever, Dominatio, Mr.378, LJDarkrai, The Trap God, Absdaddy, Magsyy, Iris aka Mccauley, AV Kakuna aka Wings of Night, MakeYourChoice aka Carloos, Minority Suspect, Mysterious M, Arii Stella, Pomman, Vileman, Antacool, Serga, VictoriasDelibirds aka Golden Altaria, Aqua Swirlix, Dracomaster Dab, KILL OPTIC KILL, Orch, Haruno, Haxiom and the rest of the ubers room authority and many others. n_n

Some other people that I have become recently friends: Dice, Omfuga, Leru, 0kay, Parameter, March Fires, Melle2402, Problems, The Miracle, Camilas, Ericwangsim, Dontstealmypenguin, Lacus Clyne, Darkdevil, P2 and many others. :)

I am sorry if I forgot your name. It wasn't on purpose, I swear.

e. Thank you to everyone who have supported me during this tournament and in other endeavours I have had in the past. I really appreciate the support you guys have given me in the past and hopefully in the future too!
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