Tournament ORAS 1v1 Live (Charizard Suspect) #8 - Won by magicarpe_lvl100

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Charizard Suspect Test Information -

ORAS 1v1 Resources - - NEW SAMPLES ARE UP !

- This tournament will be held on the official Smogon Tournament server at
- Send a PM to "Elo Bandit" on SmogTours when you win your match. Do **NOT** PM the host if you lost.

General 1v1 Live rules:
  • You must have a Smogon forum account to sign up for a 1v1 Live tournament. You cannot participate if you do not post in this thread.
  • When this tour is posted, post as quickly as you can to ensure a place in the tournament. The number of spots available will vary from week to week, and it is up to the discretion of the host on when sign-ups will be closed. On Xenforo (our current forum software), YOUR POST NUMBER IS NOT ALWAYS ACCURATE. Do NOT whine to the host or on SmogTours if your post number implies you should have been in the tournament and you are not.
  • Substitute players will only be applied in the first round and as deemed necessary by the host.
  • If you have signed up successfully, you must stay for the entire tournament unless you have lost.
  • You may change teams between games and rounds without penalty. You are, in fact, encouraged to do so to prevent your opponents from knowing your team in advance.
  • Do not hassle the host(s) of the current tournament.
  • The format is ORAS 1v1, Best of 5

    Round 1

     vs  ncalathes
    deddd  vs  PA
    XSTATIC COLD  vs  SwordIsBored
    Close  vs  Itchy
    magicarpe_lvl100  vs  rumia
    Sificon  vs  Notater
    nolenot  vs  Justdelemon
    Potatochan  vs  zo

    Round 2

    deddd  vs  XSTATIC COLD
    Close  vs  magicarpe_lvl100
    Notater  vs  zo
    Justdelemon  vs  crucify

    Round 3

    XSTATIC COLD  vs  zo
    crucify  vs  magicarpe_lvl100

    Round 4

    zo vs magicarpe_lvl100
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