"OpeRATION Time Out"

You may have connection issues. How close are you to the router you plan on using? If at all possible try getting closer. And, you could try advanced. Just take the server information from the parentheses and put it in manually. Good luck, I hope I helped.
My connection is fine. My internet is sexy as ever.

Are the servers working for you guys? Also I downloaded pokemon online as well; it doesn't work (used crossover since mac etc)

Tried going advanced; not working. I'm going to try on another computer.

Are the other servers working for y'all?


It's all coming back to me now
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I have this problem at Univeristy. Not sure whether you are at home or not but perhapes your Firewall has blocked certain ports?
Oh I just had another idea as to your problems. What kind of firewall/security softwares are you running? Earlier this year I was running like AVG and McAfee and I would continually have problems with stuff related to the internet. Otherwise, I'm out of ideas.
I had the exact same problem I thought at first it was just because Black and White came out I cant take that long without shoddy I just finished my final 4th gen team!!

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