Official Smogon Tournament XVIII - Round 2-D

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Activity Win Request

I messaged my opponent on Friday. He didn't respond until earlier today, but we agreed on a time. I showed up, he didn't. Waited 30 minutes, but don't have time to start games now and have no idea when or if he will show up. Our brief exchange can be seen on his VM wall.


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I’m still very available to play we still have time as well ,additionally I called for a time first and communication goes both ways and when I told him I was confused as to what time to play they literally just referenced the confusing time post they originally sent would’ve been nice to just post a time



I referenced my availability which I gave in GMT (General standard for TZ), and even helped you convert your TZ (CST??) to GMT to help you. I gave a suggested time to play, not just in my timezone, but in yours as well so it would be easy for you to understand. You waited until Saturday to tell me that it was confusing, and didnt make any effort to provide a suggested time / your availability throughout the entire conversation, barring the first time which was at 4AM my time. I even waited until about midnight (instead of about 11pm which I said i would) to actually post the act call, and that was a whole 9 hours after my message replying to you, and im sorry I would rather not play pokemon after midnight on a school night. Anyways, my lunch break is about to end and im going to go back to class, apologies for this, wanted to play but cant.
My rival spoke to me, I told him when I could and he didn't say anything, since then I looked for him and I no longer answer, I ask for activity, you can check my profile
Need an extension or activity for my guy he missed the scheduled time and I can't play Sunday.

Willing to play if we get an extension but he hasn't responded to my vm like an hour after the time we scheduled


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robert never showed up to our game or responded when were supposed to play. Calling activity


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Activity Wins

Chaitanya over JOKERDOG
Hervalt over Blue Koichi
Stecolomaxx over Noahbrudder
Juseth sepulveda over PGuillaume
R13zi over Ruparajan
7u9i2 over Bongi
haxlolo over WeissValentine
TSR over Caiya
czim over thomas888
Quaze over Maya
mncmt over Yk4509
skimmythegod over dave
pkcc over Aeiou 24
James2464 over UmarPro
dex over BigManBigPP
Carkoala over KingTChallax
Bouff over AndromedaPlayz
Justamente over Geldren
LoSconosciuto over NicoPapito
Eternal Spirit over Flamita
Marshall.Law over Stampi
Sagisolar over benjamaru
Elou2000 over Faultiestduck
camiam098 over The Contrast
Adaam over Priyanshu Tiwari
Arkter over TreyvionBeef
haxrme over coolcucumber5321
Zesty43 over StarGuardianMiku
Habaduh over AntiSurrealism
RodriAlves over Hollem
Luthier over ImpossibleYT
Void over thecoolguy
Buhrito over liamisbad
Captain Funk over rinsecycle
Laroxyl over Buu
GaijinEagle over LegendaryC26
Sabella over Robert
McMeghan over silver ghost
dragonitenb over Clorodulce
Kairoh over DerpyBoi
A plague doc over MetalGro$$
qsns over M2H
Rinda over Portrait or Ruin
Huargensy over #greninja/no.1
Y0M1 over the calligrapher


Aayush_0 over SPACE FORCE meeps
Holy Ghost over LuckyRain
ShinyXTyrunt over Mxrs
saggylove69allthetime over Prof.Æther
Bbox3000 over SmellyJacket
Jb2424 over Kito234
TonyFlygon over scorpion7598
GogodsG over SleepingLover
YUNG GOAT over alreadyajd
Sedom over Leon 383
MysticMagic06 over jonathan_best24
DittoDropper over Redian Rose
Bijets over Charmflash

Blastoise Expert vs adem
Stathakis vs YGBLAZTEDB (ineligble for activity win since there was no check in post)

lmk if something is fucked and ill take a closer look
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