Tournament LCPL Week 5

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The Remoraiders (2) vs Naughty Noibats (4)
ORAS: Berks vs Kingler12345 - Berks isn't the best but that's okay.
ORAS: Steve Angello vs Kushalos - Kushalos has like 1 team but he's the best so that's okay.
ORAS: Pearl vs majaspic22 - majas is lucky but also pretty good so he doesn't lose usually. Pearl seems like a meme but that's okay.
Tangma: -Tsunami- vs apt-get - shake is really bad at lc, but apt-get would win anyway so that's okay.
BW: innovamania vs fitzy72 - innova is good at odd tiers and fitzy is washed up.
DPP: Heysup vs boo836 - I'm pretty sure boo plays high nowadays but that's okay.

Massive Stat-Boost Munnas (3) vs Snivy Subterfuge (3)
ORAS: Infamy vs Tricking - this is the only matchup here I don't want to see.
ORAS: Star. vs mad0ka - qu is a better player sometimes. star also doesn't care bc he's been in spl or smthng
ORAS 3: Corporal Levi vs slurmz - Levi is awful. But so is slurmz.
Tangma: Tahu vs absdaddy - I think abs will lose in a close game, but could go either way.
BW: ZoroarkForever vs Vileman - zf is really good.
DPP: idiotfrommars vs Raseri - Ras has a worse tour record than me at this point.

Squirtle Squad (2) vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Tirtougas (4)
ORAS: Nudi vs GOAO - Goao is really salty and nudi will get 1 crit and goao will tilt even though he should probably win.
ORAS: ZoroDark vs Pikasohn - already happened.
ORAS: tazz vs ggggd - tazz is rusty as hell so I assume ggggd will win since he seems to care about pokemon unlike star.
Tangma: Nineage vs FLCL - Nine is okay I guess but FLCL seems to actually play mons again or smthng so he'll win.
BW: Cheek Pouch vs Artemisa - happened already.
DPP: thecrystalonix vs Kumiho - both are cute. Kumi actually does this dpp thing though


when bae sees your sketchers light up
Hi so me and TUO want to do a tuning fork productions™ livecast for lcpl games, if you fellas could post your scheduled times here so we can see which games to commentate that'd be great. Thanks! :toast:

also go team xD!

tuning fork is a play on word of my skype username, which I have copyrighted through CasedVictory LLC Inc. I require a document stating u know that u stole from me like the dirty snake you are, while also crediting me every 5 minutes in the stream (link them to my online store where I sell things for closeted homosexuals and also candles).

In other news - contacted :D
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