Drifloon Suspect Alt Identification Thread

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Hey, it's me!
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This thread is for the purpose of having everyone identify their alts for the Drifloon Suspect vote. In order to qualify for the vote, you must have attained 2900 COIL (2400 for the council). Please provide a screenshot of proof of your alt and score in a screenshot in hide tags.

The suspect will continue until July 11th.
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doomsday doink

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I, Gym Leader Mambo, successfully completed the suspect requirements with my Normal-type Gym Leader team (shoutouts Cased). However, as expected from the ladder, I was haxed in nine out of my ten losses, to the point where I honestly should have MAYBE two to three losses at the slightest. The hax obviously bothers me a bit but the reactions from my opponents is what bothered me the most. A good majority of my opponents who lucked me were perfectly content with ridiculing me and my fantastic team; in fact, some even blamed my Gym Leader team for my losses. My team members doesn't deserve that, they tried their hardest! There's a reason most active members of the LC community prefer to avoid the ladder. I try my hardest to welcome new users into LC and expand this community but these types of interactions make it really hard to continue being hopeful of newcomers. Plus, as a Gym Leader, it makes it really difficult to continue to accept challenges from these newcomers in fear of them being rude to me. So, in the future, please attempt to restrain yourself from hurting my feelings. Thank you.

shoutouts to the lc ladder for being characteristically lucky and terrible.

shoutouts to the lc tier leaders for making me play 15 games more than the 2400 dudes to reach normal 2800 reqs, then 20 games after that to get the necessary 2900 coil. thanks for eating up 4 hours of my life.

shoutouts ggggd for unknowingly let me use his team for laddering.

terrible ladder+experience. what's the point of this again?


feet of clay
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it really felt like it was 2014, pineco can still dominate the ladder 2 years later!
shoutouts to berks for the idea
really good memories from those times
sorry if i got mad w/ someone for hax or shit, it's stressing af
see you around!



it's not over 'til it's over
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I think I did at least 100 battles on the ladder, between this alt and ones with a record too shitty to continue playing on

Could've finished this 10 battles ago but I decided to choke and lose 3 battles in a row

Ladder was definitely more fun towards the end than in the middle, where you feel like each battle is a struggle but you're still far away from the 2900 requirement

2400 for CC is bullshit by the way

shoutouts Akkeshi for being a (BAN ME PLEASE) and absdaddy for re-sending me the team I used in order to win the last few battles



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shoutouts rucurrent for ruining my otherwise decent overall ladder rankings

also shoutouts pikasohn for being literally the best ever in every single aspect
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