I'm just curious about this method:

public void requestAndWaitForSwitch(int party)

After it waits for the user, where does this continue into.
I can't find where this is called from.

Thanks for any help in advance.
It is called when using a move which forces pokemon replacement, thus Baton Pass, U-Turn, Healing Wish and Lunar Dance. After sending a change request to the client, it waits until the dispatcher gets informed about the switch. Then further queued moves are processed.
Ahh. Thank you, this helps a lot.

Btw, the dispatcher thread is only launched when the server receives a battle message from the client? Am I correct?
A new thread is started as both trainers have sent their selection (move/switch) and a turn round can be executed. Before that moment turns are kept in m_turn, you can cancel and choose something different, and thereby overwrite a preceding one.
Would that not become memory heavy when there are a couple of hundred players? In past experience, the garbage collector ain't the quickest.


Banned deucer.
Thread objects in Java do not have a one to one correspondence with native threads; the Java Virtual Machine essentially rolls its own lightweight "threads". Spawning new Java threads is cheap. There is no problem with how turn execution is implemented.

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