Data Battle-By-Post Gen8 Official Beginning!

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It's been a long time coming, but we're finally ready to bring BBP to Galar! We have a new Data Audit, alongside a whole TON of mechanical rule changes! Among those changes are: a much more streamlined training/progression system, new currencies, a completely re-worked Signature Item system, a heightened emphasis on Self-Reffing, fully codified combos... and perhaps most importantly, a change to damage calculations that should slow the game pace back down to old-school ASB levels! (maybe). For the full scoop, visit the SwSh Omnibus Thread.

Wanna get started? Here's how:
-Create a new Trainer Profile.
-The Profile contains 12 JC (Judge Counters), as well as 3 unevolved Pokemon (worth a total of 12 Rental Counters).
-The Profile contains no items.
-The Pokemon start at Stage 1* (Serious Nature, HA Locked, knows every Level-Up Move, no other moves).

Your new Profile should have the title, "Profile: Username", replacing Username with your Smogon username, following the guidelines provided in the handbook, modified by the notes in the hide tag above. A moderator is the only user that can approve profiles that are related to this reset.

If you have any questions, bring them to the Gen 8 Discussion Thread or our Discord channel.

Happy battling!
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