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Perish Song

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Welcome to AGPL III! We'll start off by selecting 6 managers. This AGPL will feature 6 teams and so there will be 5 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs (not counting any potential tiebreakers). That places the end of the tournament sometime in early-mid August. All teams must have one manager available from mid June through early August. If you know you won't have access to the internet at any point during that time, you will be able to pick out an assistant manager from the players you draft to act as an assistant manager if you didn't include an assistant manager in your signup post. Failure to send the team's weekly lineup will result in the prior weeks lineup being used. Managers will have the opportunity to purchase themselves while Assistant Managers will only be able to be purchased by auction. There won't be any retains.

This year's tier selection is as follows:
- Galar
- Galar
- Galar
- Natdex
- Best of Three: Galar / USUM / ORAS

If you want to manage a team in AGPL III, make a post below to apply. Managers will be decided by the tournament host, Perish Song, as well as the AG moderation team. This thread will be open for one week.
Team Name:
Assistant Manager (if applicable):
Bio, (including accomplishments and why you would make a good manager):
Sign ups will close on Sunday 13th June at 11:59 GMT, at which point managers will be decided! Good luck everyone, lets have a good tournament!
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Team Name: The Likable Luvdiscs (had To Change Name)
Assistant Manager: TBD
- AG Snake Manager
- Made Losers Semifinals of Galar AG Winter SSNL
- Made Finals of Oras Cup, Galar AG Council
- Made Semifinals of AG Classic
- Made Semifinals of Galar Kickoff
- AG Room Driver

Why Would you be a good manager: I know the community very well and I believe I have the ability to draft a very solid team, I have a good understanding of every metagame in agpl so I am able to help with teambuilding and testing. I also have learned a lot from the mistakes I have made as manager in ag snake and this time will be a more active manager who helps with teambuilding, testing, and will cheer on my players during games.


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Yami and I would like to manage The Aogiri Tree

I've been semi actively contributing to the AG community for about half a year now, i know the playerbase well and I'm confident i could create a fun environment that would let my players have an enjoyable PL exerpeice. I have decent tour experience with AG too, playing in the most recent AG snake tour, aswell as NDPL, which had an NDAG slot. meanwhile, Yami is very experienced in managing teams, i think that his experience in managing as well as my understanding for the community of AG would make us a good pair of managers.


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Presenting your future AGPL III champions...

Amazing art by Zephyri & thanks Shivam3299 for the plug
Team Name: Crooked Crobats
Assistant Manager Juicyy
Bio: I comanaged both ag snake with Nevelle (2nd place) and Ubers Most Wanted II with orch this past winter. I have experience playing in numerous team tours in AG and Ubers. I also have extensive knowledge of the AG community. Juicy has the bulk of the management experience, managing the Hax-R-Us in three iterations of Discord Premier League, winning 1 of them and placing 2nd in another. He also has experience in several other auxillary team tours as well. With my knowledge of the community and Juicy's second-to-none drafting strategy, the Crooked Crobats will take this year's AGPL! (we also have a professional logo)​
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Team Name: Limitless Lycanrocs
Assistant Manager: Avery
Bio: This is something I've wanted to do for quite a while, I'm extremely active in AG and know the entire player base, along with having eyes outside the community to pick up underrated players, I've reached semis of Playoffs and a seasonal, Quarters at every single ladder tour, and have been drafted for every major team tour ag has had. I, along with my comanager Avery, who has experience managing in NDPL and NDWC, where both of their teams reached playoffs, can create both a winning atmosphere and a fun one. I've been talking about how much I want to manage in AGPL for a bit, and my desire to do so is stronger than ever. I do believe Avery and I would make a fine managerial pair.


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Team Name: King Kyurem-Ws
Assistant Manager (if applicable): Maxomega
Bio, (including accomplishments and why you would make a good manager): I've got a lot of team tour experience, playing in AGPL II, AG Snake I, NDWC, NDPL, and UMPL. I've also done pretty well in individual tours, making finals of last year's AG Grand Prix and losers' finals of a Seasonal a while back. I've got a ton of experience building and playing for every generation of AG since usum and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) having a chance to try my hand at managing my own team. Thanks for considering me!
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Posting on behalf of Perish Song. Manager selection was performed by a team of AG ROs and the host.

First off, thanks to everyone for their interest in managing for this iteration of AGPL! However, there are only 6 slots available, so after much deliberation, here are the users selected to manage

AGPL III Manager Selection
1. Crooked Crobats - Managed by cromagnet & Juicyy
2. The Likable Luvdiscs - Managed by Bread Sandwich
3. Limitless Lycanrocs - Managed by Kate & Avery
4. Lottery Laprases - Managed by Icemaster & TonyFlygon
5. The Salt Mining Sableyes - Managed by Fardin & Nol
6. Vicious Vivillon - Managed by Quantum Tesseract & Catalystic

Congrats to all the managers chosen! And now onto some more stuff
  • Manager/comanager self-buy price is set to 18,000​
  • Upon this being posted, manager/comanager pairs are locked in until after the draft. This includes managers who are lacking an assistant.​
Stay tuned for more AGPL information.
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