A little bit of everything team

Ok, Hi smogon, i'm fairly new to competitive battling and I have tested this team alot to get here. Unfortunately i dont have EV'S but i did use alot of feathers and vitamins.


swords dance

Ninjask is my lead and baton passer. I basically just try to get as many boosts as possible to my slow sweepers and if possible a swords dance and substitute. This little guy has saved me alot of battles.


Conkeldurr@lum berry
Ability:sheer force
Hammer arm
Ice punch
Fire punch

Thunder punch

Once conkeldurr has recived a few boosts from my Ninjask, he's almost unstoppable, this guy is my main sweeper. Sheer force boosts the power of the elemental punches to give them even more power so I have checks to alot of OUs right there.


Elektross@expert belt
Aqua tail
Giga drain

Elektross was my lead before ninjask and he did pretty well too with the exception of his speed. His ability grants him a sole immunity to his only weakness which makes him very hard to OHKO. So with the speed boosts from ninjask this guy can put a dent in almost anything. If not, then a very painful bump


Hydreigon@Life orb
Fire blast
Draco meteor
Super power
Dark pulse

IN COME THE HYDRA! This guy has helped me in alot of situations because of his great coverage and virtually no counters. Although he is a bit fragile, and half his moves lower his stats, the speedboosts are something that this pokemon can really use to hurt the opposing team seriously. I am thinking of replacing superpower with focus blast though.


Ferrothorn@Rocky helmet
Ability: Iron Barbs
Leech seed

Ferrothorn is one of my favorites because of his resistances and great typing but the weakness to fire and Fight, two very common types are something i have to deal with. The thing is to go in, protect on an unseen fire or fight move, then go toxic, protect again, then substitue or leech seed. The rocky helmet is there to deal 1/8 when contact is made in conjunction with Iron Barbs.


Milotic@Stritus berry
Ability: Marvel scale

Milotic is also a pretty good tank to send out, because many teams are not always ready to deal with this, its easy to get a free toxic on the other team. THEN KEEP ON ANNOYING!

Well, there's my team, please tell me what i can do to make it more awesome.
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Your team is fairly good, I do have some pointers

I would suggest on conkeldurr drain punch over hammer arm, although it has lower power, its very useful for recovering health from priority attacks and such. Life orb is the best choice for any pokemon using sheer force, not only does it add 1/3 more damage it removes life orb's nasty recoil so it can do extra damage without hurting you. Conkeldurr may be blessed with all three elemental punches, but rock slide is better for its wide and great coverages, especially flying.

In competitive battling its best that pokemon have either all attack or all special attack. Elelectross seems to be a better physical attacker, give it aqua tail, wild charge, U-turn and rock slide

Hydreigon is no different, focus blast>superpower, even though it has lower accuracy it benefits more and does more damage than super power

On ferrothorn I would suggest making your stall/lead. Replace substitute with stealth rock for good entry hazards

All these pointers may prove your team to be much more effective and worthy of winning

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