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2021 Anything Goes Tournament Circuit

Welcome to the 2021 official Anything Goes Tournament Circuit! Players will participate in several tournaments throughout the year to fight for a spot in the AG Circuit Playoffs, where the qualifiers will duke it out to determine who the best AG player is!

- Individual Tournament Schedule:
Tournament Name - [Start Date to End Date] [Classification]

  • AG Winter Seasonal - [4th January to 4th April] [Type A]
  • AG Classic - [22nd March to 13th June] [Type A]
    • USUM AG Cup
    • NatDex AG Cup
    • ORAS AG Cup
    • BO3 Seeded Playoffs with 1 meta from each Cup [Type A]]
  • AG Summer Seasonal - [26th July to 18th October] [Type A]
  • Past Generations Mini Tournaments - [16th August to 10th October]
    • USUM Tournament [Type C]
    • ORAS Tournament [Type C]
    • NatDex Tournament [Type C]
  • AG Ladder Tournament - [11th October to 5th December] [Type A]
  • AG Circuit Playoffs - [13th December to 31st December]

- Team Tournament Schedule:
Tournament Name - [Start Date to End Date] [Classification]
  • Anything Goes Snake Draft - [18th December to 21st February]
  • Anything Goes Premier League - [7th June to 9th August]

Calendar Version

- Tournament Points System:

Type A Double Elim:

- Tournament Details:

AG Seasonals:
Seasonals are best of three double elimination tournaments that will run twice (Winter and Summer) throughout the course of the circuit. The matchups for a Seasonal are generated randomly when each round goes up, there is no seeding involved.

AG Ladder Tournament:
This tournament is divided into two main components: a 4-week qualifying phase and a playoffs phase.
The qualifying phase is divided into 2 cycles of 2 weeks each. Players will ladder on designated alts and try to reach the highest Elo score possible by the end of the cycle. The 8 players with the highest Elo will qualify for playoffs, and then players will start laddering again on fresh alts for the next week. Once the 2 qualifying cycles have concluded, the qualified players will be entered into a seeded best of three single elimination bracket that will progress until one player is crowned the winner.

AG Classic:
This two-phase tournament will use previous AG rulesets in similar fashion to the Smogon Classic. The first phase of AG Classic consists of three individual tournaments: the NatDex cup, the USUM cup, and the ORAS cup. Each of these tournaments will be best of three single elimination with randomly generated matchups for each round. Players who advance in these tournaments will earn points towards the AG Classic playoffs - the top 16 players with the most points at the end of all 3 tournaments will be entered into a seeded single elimination bracket to determine the winner. The playoffs format will be a best of three of all three formats, so players must excel in multiple formats to come out on top! The individual cup tournaments do not give points towards the Circuit Playoffs. However, you will guaranteed receive points for qualifying for the Classic Playoffs.

AG Premier League:
A team tournament where managers will draft players in an auction to assemble their team, after which all the teams will face off in a round robin. Once all the teams have played one another, the top team will advance to finals, while the second and third placing teams will face off for a chance to make it to finals as well. The tiers played and the number of teams will be determined closer to the date of the tournament.

AG Snake Draft:
Another team tournament similar to AGPL, except the managers will draft players in the snake draft fashion.

AG Circuit Playoffs:
At the end of the year, the top 16 players with the most Circuit Points will face off a seeded single elimination tournament to determine who the best AG player is! The playoffs will be a best of three in the Galar AG format.

Note: Dates for the tournament signups may be changed if we're running ahead or behind of the schedule. Additionally, we might include some more non circuit or Type C side tours later in the year.


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