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  • jsyk people don't usually DQ until they have contacted the other person and they are a couple days over. So I would'nt of DQ you.
    What I meant is Roar has different effects on Switch = OK/KO.
    In Switch = KO it removes special effects that the target has, and in Switch = OK it phazes the Pokémon out at the end of the round.
    If you havet already got a ref i'll be reffing your match with Hitmonleet, PM mons.
    Welcome to ASB.
    IRC is the best way to ask CAP ASB related questions and chat with your follow ASB'ers.

    Just get a Mibbit account, log in, go to chat, select server SynIRC, register your nick, add #capasb to your AJOIN, and you're good to go.

    IRC is also for random chatting. (One time we were talking about politics after someone complained about Deck Knight buffing Beedrill so much.)

    The chat will severely help you to get used to ASB.
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