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  • Hey, we are paired for bw ou global championships. i am gmt-4 and available 2pm-6pm my time every day, would prefer thursday or weds but any day works. when can you play?
    Hey we paired for bw gc I'm gmt +5:30 contact me on disc Winterains#9854
    hey, sent you a message on discord :)

    i'm california -7 GMT. would it be alright to play in your morning/afternoon time? that would be like my evening - i think something like 10:30 AM for you is 10:00 PM for me, which is something im comfortable with. or we could do my morning, your evening. lmk
    yeah man thats what I've been doing haha I just can't afford to stay up and fix my normal sleeping hours because i'd be wasting time and producing low quality work. Luckily i'm on break so i have a bit of time to play mons and procrastinate the work the teachers gave me to do over break. btw check out the underachievers if you can, their mixtape owns
    you should definitely play infamous 2. karma choices are more rewarding and there are big differences to each cole, especially the ending which is vastly different in both cases.
    so i get off stage right drop the mic walk up to the hot chicks and im all like whats up ladies the names slim shady im the lead singer of d-12 baby
    uhh im goin in, weezy baby, weezy baby uh.

    yung money we the shit no celings baby, money come out my dick cum it on all these beautiful ladies. blood weezy baby yeah a nigga so red any nigga hate on weezy in an hour he'll be dead. uhh yung mulaaa weezy baby sharper then gilette yeee
    four years old four years old shout out to my lil' brother caillou I got like thirty different colors on I think I'm caillou bitch suck my dick I don't match for nothing I'm Caillou bitch fuck dora the explorer I'm Caillou bitch based freestyle suck my dick bitch hehehe
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