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  • I think Gerard has calcs up for Round 4, looks like you're up for actions.
    That's still no good for me. Soon enough I'll have all fully evolved mons and single stage mons. I'm sure someone else will take it though.
    In the battle you're reffing (6v6 Triples with Banryu and LupusAter), Banryu meant for his substitution with Kecleon to Snatch the Helping Hand from Eevee in action 1 then Thunder Wave Blaziken on action 2. This would mean Kecleon moves first due to Snatch's priority and it would help out Archen to deal more 5 damage with Acrobatics against Murkrow. If you could fix that, that would be great!
    Hello. Think we could get another reffing post going for me vs Lupus? He's made his move and stuff... whenever you can get to it.
    Bleck, you know what I meant. x___@ I couldn't remember what the english version was and I guess I keep writing Weak-Kneed for some reason. Defeatist, obviously, Archen doesn't have any other abilities.
    Just sayin' that you won't need HD or myself to PM you, as we mentioned the mons we'll be using.

    Thanks for taking it up! ^_^
    Sorry, but you can't evolve. Mudkip's EC was 0/9 when I got its info, and that's the info I use to base the battle off of.
    I have to drop out of our battle, Sorry.
    The reason is that I already have 2 battles and I need a ref for my third battle.
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