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With 8.2 comes a rework of two-charges Z-Crystals specifically. Two incredibly strong moves are deemed a bit much, so they will be reverted to 1 charge only. However, since they have to be linked to a specific move, they would be strictly inferior to their generic type counterpart, so we need to come up with some sort of compensation, to incite players to use these Z-Crystals as a viable alternative.

We are in need of suggestions for the following Z-Crystals:
Obtainable (to be discussed in priority):
  • Aloraichium Z
  • Kommonium Z
  • Lycanium Z
  • Mimikium Z
  • Pikashunium Z
Currently unobtainable (discuss these preferably after the ones above):
  • Lunalium Z
  • Mewnium Z
  • Solganium Z
  • Ultranecrozium Z
Of course, please remember to stay within acceptable power brackets.
Quick Thoughts:

Activates Surge Surfer regardless of the current Terrain.
Straightforward buff, reminiscent of ASB's ThunderStone.

Activates Surge Surfer regardless of the current Terrain. Uses the Levitate Command for 0 en upon being sent out.
Plays off of the flavor behind Surge Surfer to help mitigate disadvantageous matchups. Recommended if the above fails to sufficiently boost Alolan Raichu's viability.

The holder cannot lower its own stats with its moves.
Fits with the theme of stat-boosting possessed by Soulblaze and gives Kommo-o a pseudo-upgrade on the power of its STAB attacks by allowing Close Combat and Clanging Scales to be reliably selected.

Reduces self-inflicted damage from non-damaging attacks by 1/3.
Gives Kommo-o a niche by increasing the appeal of Belly Drum and Clangorous Soul. A stronger effect designed to counter the immense teambuilding deterrent of Kommo-o's 4x weakness and lack of tools to win disadvantageous matchups.

If Disguise was intact at the beginning of the round, reduces the BAP of all incoming attacks by two (2).
Cashes in Mimikyu's design for greater effect. Improves survivability with a parallel to Multiscale.

The user takes no direct HP damage from Entry Hazards, Weather, Leech Seed, Poisoning, Burn, Curse, Partial Trapping moves, and Recoil from its own moves while Disguise is intact.
Increases the utility of the signature ability, forces opponents to break Disguise immediately, and functions as a limited-use/one-time respite from hazard chip damage.

Increases Attack and Special Attack ranks by two (2).
Downscaled Light Ball effect. Helps prevent Pikachu from losing damage against average defense ranks.

Increases Attack and Special Attack ranks by two (2). Activates Lightningrod on sendout.
Double effect that encroaches on the territories of existing items. Demonstrates the rudimentary power level necessary to justify selecting Pikachu.

Given that the holders of these items are all fringe/unviable Pokemon in the general metagame, I strongly recommend pushing the envelope on the acceptable power level of their buffs.

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