Metagame Why Shelmet Should Be Banned From Little Cup

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sup guys, i made a smogon account just so i could make this thread.

Shelmet.png Shelmet.png Shelmet.png

today i am rebelling against smogon because i am infuriated that the pokemon Shelmet is not banned from Little Cup.

lets start off with this things base stats.
  • 50 HP
  • 40 Attack
  • 85 Defense
  • 40 Special Attack
  • 65 Special Defense
  • 25 Speed
First impressions:
its base stats are bad.

however, with the eviolite, this thing has 127.5 base defense (which is more than tangrowth and gliscor) and 97.5 special defense (mediocre but still not bad at all for LC).

you won't really use its attack and special attack too much, so them being low doesn't really matter at all.

now we have an overview of how bulky this thing is, lets dive into its movepool (if u dont get the pun ur an idiot)

okay so i will just list off a FEW of this things viable moves
  • Spikes
  • Recover
  • Infestation
  • Struggle Bug
  • Toxic
  • Acid Armor
  • Curse
  • Final Gambit
  • Pursuit
  • Bug Bite
  • Bug Buzz
As you can see, this thing has a very diverse movepool. The most broken moveset in my opinion is

Shelmet (M) @ Eviolite
Ability: Overcoat
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Spikes
- Recover
- Struggle Bug
- Acid Armor

This moveset is very broken. Struggle Bug lowers the opponent's special attack by 1 stage, making it hard for threats like Magby and Chimchar to do any real damage to you. Spikes are also amazing because a lot of pokemon hate them. Recover is nice for recovery, because chances are it will not be dying to anything in 1 hit. Acid Armor is for extra defensive bulk if you wanna run a more specially defensive EV spread. Overcoat is also a broken ability cuz pokemon like Shroomish and Foongus cant touch you with Spore.

Now let's talk about its counters and checks.

This thing does not do well against most fire types, but since Diglett is on everyone's team you don't have to worry that much. Besides that, do not let a pokemon set up on Shelmet or you are doomed.

Finally, let's talk about the thing that makes this thing broken. The fact that it shuts down most of the threats in Little Cup.
Here are just a few of the OP Little Cup mons that get shut down by Shelmet

  • Timburr
  • Aipom
  • Fletchling
  • Archen
  • Snivy
  • Cottonee
  • Ferroseed

That's all for this presentation, but Smogon, hear me out.....

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