Multi Gen Weekend Tournaments (Season 4) [Won by Blim]

Tournament (1): BW
Participants: 20
Winner: Jrsmash9
Runner up: Ubiwc
Tied 3rd and 4th: Allistaair & scal e-mail
No replay
Tournament (1): DPP
Participants: 36
Winner: Chrismi
Runner up: Gastrik
Tied 3rd and 4th: parivard & Wisco
Tournament (2): ORAS
Participants: 50
Winner: Mysterious M
Runner up: Problems
Tied 3rd and 4th: Forgot Password123 & Hack
Replay of final.


According the the first post, this was the last weekend tournament before playoffs. 16 cycles have come to an end. We are grateful to everyone who participated in weekend tournaments during these 16 week(end)s. We wish the best of luck to the players who made it to playoffs!
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1. Wings of Night Declined invite
2. Highlord
3. Blim
4. Mysterious M
5. Vileman
6. Pohjis
7. Hack
8. Evuelf
9. Orch
10. Haruno
11. Fireburn / Gastrik / Samqian / The Complication

Congrats! You are the top 8 seeds for weekend tournament! Please let me know that you're playing or not asap so that I can sub you out.

The playoffs will be a bo5 with higher seeded players who will decide the first tier pick. The loser of the the game decide the tier for the next battle. All tier choices must be exhausted before the tier can be repeated.

I pick DPP
Opponent pick BW
I pick ORAS (all tiers are exhausted at this point)
Opponent pick ORAS
I pick BW

1. Highlord vs. (Fireburn vs. Gastrik ) vs. (Samqian vs. The Complication )
2. Blim vs. Haruno
3. Mysterious M vs. orch
4. Pohjis vs. Evuelf

The left side of the competitors gets the first tier pick.

Deadline: Oct 3 at 11:59 PM GMT-5. please don't john !! Highlord has until Oct 9th to complete his game. Subs only has until Oct 3, and there'll be NO extensions for subs.
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av Kakuna vs. Evuelf
Highlord vs. Hack
vs. Pohjis
Mysterious M vs. Vileman

av Kakuna to win it all.

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