VGC Summer Seasonal - Round 1

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Calling activity vs Pengu70, hasn’t reached out since Wednesday and has not replied to my availability in over 24hrs with less than a day left till deadline
calling activity, I posted to my opponent's wall on August 7 and never heard back. They also haven't been online since the 8th as of me posting this right now


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DylanTKS over Nightry11 (no response)
JP_PN over SS_Magster (no response)
Caxixi over megagen10 (missed time)
papiloco over Marlboro (no response)
Finabas over twobirdsnobones (no response)
z0mOG over bigbadbirdVGC (no response)
downfall18 over Pengu70 (lack of response)
Mr.GX over Mr.Bossaru (missed time)
vtrouter over YT*Smogon (no response)
SnaccMachine over Huston (no response)

given win:

InkVGC was given the win by califlour


KAFFEEKAFFEEKAFFEE over Evan dos santos
chkndnnr over SirVala
Sombir over cyan_vg
Skraw over Chrome8
MagearnaTheBoss over txitxas
Out of exp over IdolCian
PointPrometheus over Sampai2006
ZeAlpacalypse over Marteene




round 2 up soon
Not open for further replies.

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