UUPL XI - Finals [Won By Iki Town Idols]

Town Idols (5) vs (5) Safari Zone Smashers
SV UU: Lily vs Star (star)
SV UU: Nat vs Moutemoute (Nat)
SV UU: Askov vs Feliburn (askov)
SS UU: MichaelderBeste2 vs KSt3ve (kst3ve)
SM UU: EternalSnowman vs robjr (eternal snowman)
ORAS UU: Xrn vs Killintime ( nice mu killintime wins it)
BW UU: Finchinator vs Shiba (finch for life,shiba aint winning)
DPP UU: mael vs Micciu (mael)
ADV UU: shiloh vs eden (eden )
GSC UU: Estarossa vs kaori (kaori)
Still rooting for idols.


have a nice day
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won, gg

was p disconnected and low effort this tour, but thanks to my amazing teammates for their great effort. you guys deserve the world. glad i got to close it out at least. to our opponents, you are awesome. wp, sorry some things did not go your way


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Well, it is how it is. Definitely really mad about the outcome of this finals with so many bad RNG swings and stuff like Polt still being allowed in this day and age but thats the game, congrats on the Idols for a great season. Wish the series was cleaner, who knows what could have happened.

Id also like to thank Thisbemyalt and Shiba for drafting me, hopefully I did more good things than bad, and I definitely understand you guys understanding that I refuse to use Togekiss lmao. Thanks to a group of fine gentlemen in KSt3ve Moutemoute kaori robjr Killintime Micciu eden Star Feliburn Draphirion Staxi and anyone that I am missing, so close for the win and sadly this time to a bitter end, hopefully there is a chance for this the next time, and to win it for good.

Thanks to Donny P. for bouncing ideas with me for the grand success of Micciu, one of the most satisfying parts of this season. Stay goated.

And thats it, just gonna end saying that some peeps on the UU discord really do not deserve any messaging or posting rights, thats for sure. Leaders gotta be mindful of that and how particularly bothersome it can get, for anyone that isnt in the jerk.

Thank you Theia for some seamless hosting. Pretty clean, good work that gotta be commended since I know how thankless hosting these can be.

And thats it, cya around


Banned deucer.
Congrats to everybody on the Idols and everyone who cheered and supported them. I hope you all enjoy victory. Not everyone can win but everyone sees how much the Smashers accomplished so I’m sure they should be proud of their run.

Simply perfectly hosted tournament with all the thread and sheet updates. Thanks for the hosting.
At first, despite gratz to the idols for winning this edition, I have a bitter taste but it must be a frustration that must help me in the future. I would like to thank all the people who helped the team and the people who helped me for allowing me to be at a final uupl by being a starter on a third party where I have 0 knowledge for my whole year.

Shiba Despite this complicated season for you, I can clearly tell you, you are super strong at the game, I don't want you to get depressed because we have loose this final, I wanted to thank you for trusting me all this season, because if we don't count my recent perf, I was 0-3 at the last uupl, and for trusting me in dpp, only you would have this courage to do it, and you helped me to keep my morale up in spite of my chokes week 2 and 5 You have become a friend to me and I hope you will bounce back because you deserve it my friend. :vibes:

Thisbemyalt Thanks to you as I said shiba for trusting me as above, with the little experience on pokemon I have, you trusted me, and you helped me during the weekends at prep which helped me A LOT, and you are a lovely person and a great captain, I've had a lot of nice captains but you're one of the best of the best, don't change and next edition we'll get our revenge with shiba, smasher honour. And I don't know if I will stay in dpp maybe for you if I have to stay in dpp uu but only for you. :pouss:

KSt3ve Bon toi, tu nous as carry de fou pendant toute la saison et j'ai essayé d'aider comme je pouvais car tu as fait une ptn de saison et tu as sauvé notre team avec tes builds, tu as été juste phénoménal, et même quand je commençais à déprimer après ma loose, tu m'as bougé le cul pour me redonner le meilleur de moi-même, très content d'avoir pu te voir une fois IRL, et je voudrais te remercier de m'avoir proposer pour TDK et pearl pendant l'édition de l'année dernière en UUPL, car sans ton aide, j'en serais pas la aujourd'hui, t'es une personne que je respecte énormément et que j’apprécie beaucoup. ET FORCE POUR TES PROJETS FUTURS.

Draphirion Bon malgré ton IRL dur, 1-1, je te le dis, tes preps, tes builds et ton niveau ont le crache un peu trop à mon gout, tu es un bon et tu vas avoir ce déclic, je le sens, team ALPHA ou pas. Bref, je te souhaite que du meilleur pour ton avenir et je le dis pour toi, f basaninho.

Moutemoute Plus contre certaines choses que d'autres, sans rien dire, malgré un tour super dur pour toi, tu as pas laché et j'ai essayé de t'aider en ss et en sv comme je peux, mais je remarque que mes teams bizarres sont faites que pour moi ahahah. Fin bref mtn, on va tout slay sur unite car on va se servir de cette frustration pour rouler sur les urshifurs comfey, et je te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite mon ami car tu le mérites bg. :palico:

Accel My friend, without you I say it without your help at uusd, I wouldn't be here today, I don't know how we became friends, but I'm so happy to have been able to meet you, you you're a genius and don't change, despite your complicated IRL, you managed to help me carry me on teams that without you, donny, aldo, eden or corperate, hariyana or seldenna, I'm never doing this season, thank you still having to pick me for this edition, I promise you that after a semi final uusd or a final uupl, I will win the next edition and I will do you the honor and especially not change my friend.

Donphantastic You, DONNY how to say it you just saved my season, WITHOUT YOU I mean it, WITHOUT YOU I'm having the worst season anyone would have ever seen for a 13.5k but I'm so happy to have been able to build with you crazy things i'm so happy with this season despite the loss i want to face you now because i have to face my sensei but you are such a nice person and and that's thanks to your help and support spirit as crazy as mine, we tried to innovate teams, I just hope that we win a tournament together, because twice you help me uusd or uupl, twice close to the goal and I wish you all the happiness in the world and AGAIN THANK YOU WITHOUT YOU I AM NOTHING. :pouss:

robjr Rob, I finally got to teammate with you and I wanted to, I don't think you knew me before this edition, but I'm so glad I got to teammate with you, you're such an important part of a team , you have a great season, you saved us several times, and we made our first uupl final, but we were so close to the goal, the next one will be for us, I tell you, I hope to be able to remate with you and win together, and you are a monster of the game and thank you for this season.

Killintime STOP DEPRESSING LIKE ME, YOU ARE STRONG AT THE GAME, YOU HAVE THE BEST SCORE OF OUR TEAM, otherwise, I just wanted to be happy to have been able to meet you and I'm sincerely disgusted that I couldn't offer you this win in the end uupl, as we never say two without three, the next uupl will be for you, and I hope that we can win together, who knows not to change because you are a person with whom I laughed more during this round and good luck for your journey. :pouss:

kaori Between weeb, I'm super happy to have teammate with you, it was a super funny experience, and I can only tell you keep doing teamstours, you're so strong, if I have to cap a uupl or uusd, I'll put my house, for you and I wish you the best for you for the rest of your future. :pouss: :vibes:

eden You won't see this message, Thank you for this season, we missed the last mark once again together, ctf and now uupl, you helped me a lot during the first 3 weeks, you put me well in the third and I tried to help you as much as I could, you are a wonderful person and I wish you the best for the future my friend, and I hope to remate with you. :eden:

Star I think you forgot me, but we teammate together already and I'm glad I got to remate with you, it was a cool season together and I hope to be able to remate with you again. And good luck for the future.

Staxi Toi, même si tu étais peu présent, comme d'hab, je te le dis, le stt il va être à nous RULT, et merci des messages de remotivations quand j'étais pas bien et sorry pour la team adv que je t'ai cook,pas ouf ptdrrr. Fin bref RULT, on clean stt sinon BD va nous faire chier avec.

MrAldo An important element like accel and donny of my ratio, you are a super important person for me now, you carried me so much during the preps and also during my matches and other things, you are a person who gives everything and despite our reputation as boomer teams, you gave it your all, I'm telling you, our next round, we're going to tear everything up and I'm telling you, and gl for the rest my friend. :pouss:

Feliburn My feli, oo my feli, you gave your all during this season, and you did the best you could, you were an important element like the whole team, it was a good experience to have been able to teammate with you and I hope the rest will be perfect for you and good luck for the RU my feli.

Corperate n The man in the shadow of our team, without him and his tests towards the end of the season, I'm in deep shit, thank you for having done 30 tests with a madman like me, it was a great season and in a word to thank you, Merci !! :pouss:

TSR In a few words, I almost ended up at your house but shiba had seen it right, and stole you, apart from this joke, thank you for the help in the end, without you I wouldn't be here and I hope to be able to teammate with you , I wish you the best in the future.

Seldanna hariyana grande I say it here at the same time, thank you for being able to test and help during my season, it's a shame when we had to face each other because we were stealing from each other for help hahaha. If you need my services as a dpp uu for help or as a teammate come see me and I would be happy to work with you despite the little knowledge I have, GOOD LUCK FOR THE FOLLOWING MY FRIENDS. :pouss:

Indigo Plateau Sage How can I forget you, you trusted me at uusd, thanks to you, I'm now so close to it, but it will be a next time, but I tried to honor the dragonair as i could, and i hope to remate with you because the uusd was a great experience. :pouss:

TDK Pearl My first captains on smogon, and I am thanks to you today, I remembered your sentence tdk and pearl, because you are people who helped me to gain self-confidence, and I am the thanks to you, so a big thank you and thank you again for this message.

Mimilucha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, Merci pour l'aide du con, et du soutien que tu m'as apporté et des tests que tu as pu faire, dommage pour ton stt et tu vas avoir un beau morceau semaine prochaine et tu es un grand ami et j'espère que tu seras au sommet sur smogon maintenant. :pouss:

Garay oak You are a person that I respect a lot, your message stuck in my head and thanks to you, and your support in particular the uu swiss of the last edition, it helped me to hang on and become better, and for that a big thank-you. :pouss:

TPP Mon ami, Mon goat, tu es le goat, I think my greatest friend on smogon, thank you for encouraging me on all my tours that I do and I try to do the same and help you despite my not very good level, I am so happy to have been able to meet you , and I hope that we will remain friends for a very long time and that we can teammate one day together because I want it and I wish it, big strength and don't change mon ami, you are the best. :pouss:

BlazingDark TOI TOI OUI TOI, merci de m'avoir soutenu moralement pendant ma phase de dépréssion et de m'avoir remis sur le droit de chemin sur pokemon en termes de niveau, tu es une personne à qui je tiens très très fort et que je voudrais voir IRL, tu es une personne à qui on peut faire confiance rire ou encore parler de choses sérieuses malgré que certaines personnes font penser, tu m'as beaucoup inspiré et on a win un ctf ensemble et on va chercher le stt ensemble mtn. Malgré les peu de mots que j'utilise, tu m'as soutenu pendant cette uupl et c'est ça je pourrais jamais te dire merci et de l'exprimer et dire que tu es personne incroyable. Et pour te dire tout ce que je ressent en un mot, MASTERTROLL.

ProDigeZz On part de smogon de toi, tu m'as trouvé un truc en plus mon grand ami, mon grand frère, fin, tu me connais, je te connais, je devais te so car tu as permis tellement de chose dans ma progression sur le jeu comme dans la vrai vie, et tu es personne avec qui je ne pourrais jamais manquer de respect et que je t'adore plus que tout, et j'espère me venger de mon uu master petit coquin , je t'attend mtn, j'ai bien progressé mtn et oublie pas de dire à Tricking QU'IL EST NUL SUR LOL.

Pheo Tu verras surement pas ce message, mais si je suis à nouveau bien vu sur la commu fr en termes de niveau, c'est bien toi, tu m'as fait confiance et comme tu peux le voir j'ai bien progressé, j'espère te voir en irl le petit pheo car j'ai envie de faire des trucs avec toi fin bref profite de ta vie irl sale fou.

Skyrio Tu peux ahah ce poste vite vite, fin bref hormis la blague, tu es une personne que je respecte beaucoup malgré tes trolls etc, et même ma maman t'as vu, tu m'as aidé dans les moments compliqué, tu es un vrai ami à qui je peux faire confiance, et surtout change pas mais donne un avis sur les takos mais stp très important.

Cherbou TU VAS JAMAIS VOIR CE SO, osef mais juste pour te dire tu es une des personnes qui me connait le plus, avec qui je respecte et t'as vu j'ai pris sur moi mtn, ça se voit avoue, dit oui stp.... Fin bref va casser du cul sur smogon fainénant car tu vas les manger sale fou, fin bref, je te vois dans pas longtemps pour te forcer, bisousssss.

Louna LE MARSEILLAIS, merci du soutien même si tu le vois pas mais tu es une aide précieuse pour moi et pour ça merci sale fou et je vais t'aider avec mon comfey.

dunoks Bon, malgré quelques soucis etc, je devais te so pour toute l'aide que tu m'as fait et de m'avoir pris en tutee, c'est pas une chose simple, merci pour ton aide et je te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite car tu le mérites. Et Bonne continuation pour la suite.

Gelbel3c Tu vas jamais sur smogon, aussi mais je te le redirais jamais mais merci de m'avoir pick stt l'année dernière, je suis devenu ça grâce à toi. Et je te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite sale bg.

Lyssa I wanted you so, because you helped me during a tournament and you are a great person, unfortunately I couldn't get revenge on you, I'm sorry but I hope I can remate with you despite everything and win together this time here my friend. :pouss:

umbry I think like i said to lyssa above, i appreciate you a lot, you are a wonderful player, you put me down in the uu master, and i enjoyed playing you and i hope he has a following our duels. :pouss:

And I don't have enough words to thank you but thank you Fathiryxi Beka PandaDoux Carkoala Hyssou Herv Rubyblood ironwater Brumirage Tuthur Hurtadoo

Sorry if I forgot people and a big thank you Theia for organizing the tour, without you, we would be nothing at all.


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I'll preface this with the most important shoutout. If you'd told me before the season that a real-life emergency would result in me abandoning my co-manager for the first 40 minutes of the auction that we barely had time to plan for, I'd have thought the tour was DoA. I had faith in zoe but I wish I'd been able to tell her that I wouldn't be there in advance - I didn't even get a chance to grab my phone before I dipped, and kinda left her out to dry. But wow zoe did you surprise me and everyone else with your drafting skills. Not only did you keep it competitive, but you managed to foster a great team and keep a cool head until I came back, and there was no animosity about why I wasn't there; we just got down to business and managed to come out with a strong team that instilled crazy amounts of confidence in us. I won't lie, when you asked me if you could co I didn't really know what to think, but I figured that it could only be a positive. I'm glad I was right about that because you are absolutely fantastic, you're an amazing manager and such a wonderfully positive presence. I know you were bummed out by not knowing the tiers super well to support them, but the scouts, prep help and vibes you provided were instrumental to our season. Thank you so much for everything, I really couldn't have asked for better <3

This season was really something else for us. I'm just so glad that after four consecutive years on this franchise, we finally managed to get one; I was beginning to think it'd never happen, even as one who's never really believed in franchise curses. This year was different though and I knew it from the start; as soon as we had that week 1 showing, I could tell this team was destined for greatness. Other teams - especially the other playoff participants, but honestly all 8 - turned out to be incredibly strong too, so we had our work cut out for us, and none of the weeks were a breeze by any means, but after scraping by and getting into playoffs, I feel we really turned it on. Yes, we got lucky. No, I don't care. We prepped well and we played well and we got the result we all wanted. I said it in the announcements channel of our server already, but there really couldn't have been a group I had more faith in; you guys were so so good. I would say "thank you to everyone", but that wouldn't do you guys justice. So, here are your shoutouts from most to least expensive - price tags don't matter, I just wanted to find some objective way to put y'all in line lmao.

before that though - A huge thank you to Theia and autumn for immaculate hosting and a huge thank you to the other managers for making this as fun as it was. Y'all are great and don't need me to tell you that. Tysm! On to the teammates fr this time:

Finchinator, I feel like we've been paired up for everything lately. And as far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing. We knew going into this that you'd struggle a bit for activity, being the man of a million responsibilities, and even with that in mind you blew us away with your performance. So many games we thought were lost were won just through your ability to find the right line every time; we got a few matchup calls wrong and hey, that happens, but you didn't let that get to you at any point. You were absolutely fantastic from start to finish and I'm glad we finally got one. Thank you for putting up such a strong anchoring performance.

Estarossa, don't feel bad at all about the record. Shit happens dude, we all have our off tours. I'm sorry that we didn't really have anyone to help you with GSC prep; I should've factored that in more for sure, even knowing you're obviously self sufficient. I firmly believe that regardless of anything, you're still one of the best to ever touch this tier, even through its many meta shifts. I appreciate how active you were in the gens you know as well; you were a great help in all of SV, SS, SM and DPP, saved our butts a few times for sure. You deserved one of these eventually and I'm happy I could take you to it.

Nat, you don't even need me to sing your praises at this point, but I'm going to do it anyway; you are ridiculously good. Like, you blow me away so much - there isn't a player I'd have more faith in to just let them do what they want, because I know it's always going to work out. I'm glad you trusted me to provide you with teams in the first parts of the tournament and I hope you enjoyed building in playoffs; the stuff you came up with was unique and fun, and it worked for you perfectly. Your perfect UUPL playoff rate is now cemented with a win, and with how strong you've been for so long, it was more than deserved. Duo ToB next?

Askov, first off I am so sorry for dumping you in SM at first. I appreciate how willing you were to try to figure it out but wooow once we moved you over to SV you really could not have made me look like more of a fool huh. I mean 4-0??? With the same Askov HO 3 times at that. How do you even manage that? The wins were so clutch, too, especially the semis one; I had so much faith in you in the SV slot and it's so clear that my faith was not misplaced. Between that and the fact that you were doing your best to help with basically every slot despite having less time for the game than before, I'd say we got wayyy more than our money's worth where you're concerned. You're another one of the players who definitely deserved a win here, so many congratulations & thank you for the ride!

shiloh, you carried us so hard dude it's unreal, I can't believe they ranked you 8th!! Wtf!! I'm so so glad we got you. I knew you were always gonna get wins but you added so much to the environment too; I can't seem to get a single tour without an Andrew Tate shitposter but I wouldn't have it any other way. I still can't believe how clean your ADV was, and having a slot that I could have complete faith in to start us off 1-0 was so great mentally (it helped that you would always play on like Tuesday fsr). SPL may not have gone our way but this one sure did. Thanks so much for everything you put into the tournament, I really do appreciate you a ton and I hope you know that!!

Beraldo, another case of hey, shit happens. We got you without enough DPP support and that's our bad; I knew you were great in the gen but overestimated my ability to help with teams and we just kinda got farmed in the prep department there. I apologise for that and the record really doesn't reflect your ability as a player whatsoever, but you don't need me to tell you that tbh. You're funny as fuck and I appreciate that a ton, and you got a super clutch SM win on super short notice in semis that really saved us; I'm really glad I finally got the chance to team with you and I'd do it again without a second thought. You are great and will perform even better once someone who can actually build this tier is there to help you. Sorry about that!

Xrn, to be entirely honest, when I suggested picking you up I figured it'd be a case of "relatively inactive player who is good at winning games if given teams". I could not have been more wrong. Not about that second bit mind you; definitely good at the winning games thing, but holy moly your activity blew me away. I really appreciated how much you brought to the environment and I think everyone else did too; you're super funny and enjoyable to talk to, and your willingness to pick up ORAS for us without any hesitation despite having zero experience in the tier was super sweet. Even if playoffs didn't go to plan, your regular season run was so stupidly good that I don't even care; you are absolutely amazing both as a player and a teammate and I hope you stick around next year so I can retain the crap out of you. Thank you so much for everything!

MichaelderBeste2, how are you so low on this list? I didn't even remember until right now that we got you for 5.5k. Wtf? How the hell?? LOL that's insane. I know you are an insanely busy guy and figured that'd be the case going in, but I also know that you're absolutely amazing at Pokemon and you proved that to me time and time again. No matter how many dogshit matchups we'd get you, you always found a way to win your games. I was so impressed every time I'd watch you even if I malded in game discussion; I hope you don't think any less of me for that LMAO I promise I'm just a huge malder and did not mean pretty much anything I said there. The value we got in this slot is crazy and I hope you had a fun time even though we sorta set you up for failure; you clearly weren't letting us sabotage because 6-3 speaks for itself. You're great, dude. Keep at it, and good luck in VGC!

Wanka, you are genuinely one of the funniest human beings on the planet. ORAS may not have worked out for you this time around but man who cares, I'm beyond glad we got to pick you up regardless. I've always had huge respect for your way of looking at the builder and I'm glad you trusted me to help you out in those opening weeks; I'm sorry we couldn't amount to more, but I hope you had fun in the games you played regardless. You were super valuable for the vibes and deserved this win as much as the rest of us regardless of what the record may say. I hope everything in life is going well and I hope you managed to get back at Pak for your game in the end.

mael, picking up a slot that's been struggling is always tough. It's even more tough when you don't really know the tier yourself; good thing we had you then, because you made it look easier than breathing. Your immense confidence and playing ability are just so admirable and have had a great impact on me both in SPL and here; it's hard to ever be down about how things are going when you're around, and I know everyone agrees with that. You put so much effort in for us in those later weeks and came up clutch when we needed you most, and for that I can't thank you enough. Every experience teaming with you has been wonderful, and we were due to win one together; I'm glad it was this in the end. You're really amazing!

Mossy Sandwich, the mf sandwich. It's been ages since you've been involved with UU by now and yet even now, whenever I think of you, I think of me going "there's no way they bring a Volt Switch mon, right?" in OMPL all that time ago. Anyway, on to UUPL - wow you are an absolute star. From subbing in last minute and pulling out with a huge win to the amazing support you provided to our SV slots, you really proved your worth in spades; I knew you'd be a great buy, of course, but you really went above and beyond. I hope you continue to stick around because you're a super great person and you're blossoming into a wonderful player too; you're going to do great things if you keep it up, on top of what you've already achieved. Thanks so much for all your effort this season. Also, you win the best username contest.

EternalSnowman, I don't even know how many of these tours I've picked you up for at this point but I know I'm always getting quality whenever I do. Kinda insane that you're 2-0 without actually playing a full game but that's how it be sometimes; I appreciate how willing you were to slot into our dire SM slot when things got tough and hey you went undefeated in the tier! Woo!! I always love grabbing supersubs and I can't think of anyone who fits the bill better than you do, I hope I haven't made you mad by drafting you for 50 million different things LMAO but I'm glad we finally brought one home. Hope you're enjoying the W!

Specs, I hope everything is okay with you old friend. If you're seeing this in the future, please don't feel bad about anything; I wish nothing but the best for you in life and even if I'd known about what was to come before the season, I wouldn't have changed a thing. We finally got one, and I hope you're just as excited about that as I am whenever you're around to see this. ishtar I appreciate your cheerleading too <3

Clementine, somehow we went from teaming in nothing to teaming in everything in the space of like three weeks, still dunno how that happened. What I do know is that you are FIRE holy hell, one of the coolest people on here for sure. You for sure got the unluckiest pull ever tbh, playing 1 game all tour and having Empo of all people as your opponent is tough as hell, but not once did you show any signs of being bothered by that. I'd always appreciate whenever you were around and chatting, you bring great vibes and I'm super glad you sent me a message on draft day. Those artist skills are handy af now that we've won too huh? Thanks so much for coming along for the ride!

Queen of Bean, I have one singular regret this season. I made some awful ass plays in my games, but nothing comes close to how much I regret not finding a way to slot you in for your first game. You are truly one of the best support slots I've ever been fortunate enough to team with and your ability to put up games and ideas and whatever else in every slot is just super admirable and reminded me of when I was new, kinda heartwarming in the best way. You're only getting better and better and I truly believe you're one of the best new role models for the UU community; I hope you continue to stick around and enjoy the game, you're absolutely fantastic. Future managers, PLEASE pick her up; qob is absolutely phenomenal both at building and as a presence, and you won't regret it for a second.

Finally a quick shoutout to all the helpers that came to support us in playoffs; Sylvi, avarice, Liz Angeles, and in finals vivalospride and Spellcaster. I already said what I had to say about you guys in our chat but we really couldn't have done it without y'all. It's so appreciated that you were just willing to do this without any obligation, thank you so much.

Sage I hope you're proud. <3

I love you guys so much, thank you for the unforgettable tournament.



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congrats idols, Queen of Bean gz on your first uu tour win especially!! hope there's many more to come.

i'm sad this is how my first (actual) uu team tour went but i'm really happy that TDK and Pearl even decided to draft me in the first place, much less last pick; you guys are amazing and the effort you put into the tour was great to see. sorry everything didn't go our way monsters (wish i wasnt as dead during prep rip, i promise ill be more involved next year), i hope things get better next year regardless :heart:.


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As unfortunate as the finale of this tournament was for the Smashers I gotta say this was by far the most fun I have had on smogon since ORAS was CG. I quit trying to compete in mons a long time ago because I realized I was pretty mid at it and I had no interest in investing the time to actually improve, only one thing ever really kept me around and that was the friends I made in the community. Some of the people I met through mons are gonna be incredibly close friends of mine for the rest of my life, two of them will even be my groomsmen (s/o Donphantastic and Pak). Being able to come back to mons and interact/compete alongside these same friends was a great opportunity and I wouldn't do anything differently. Thank you to Theia for hosting and congratulations to the Idols on their victory, and now with that out of the way lets get to suckin off my team.

Shiba Thank you for coming to me about managing, initially I was firmly of the belief that I would be nothing more than a morale boost who occasionally would shit post in manager chat but I almost immediately got really devoted to the team and I had a great time helping you out. I know we meme on you all the time but we all really appreciate you as a friend and manager we just love busting your balls just a tiny bit more. All jokes aside you really are a great friend of mine and if you ever wanna try to go for a ring again hit me up boss man.

Accel By far the most important thing you did all tour was tell Shiba you wouldn't manage with him because it meant he had to scrape my boomer ass off the bottom of the barrel. (Also thank you for helping)

robjr You were an absolute pleasure to team with man. Across this tour there were so many crucial moments where I was too inexperienced to make decisions on my own and shiba was either no where to be found or being useless as usual, during those times your input was absolutely vital. Of course there is also your stellar record but your input on team decisions were so valuable that its the first thing that comes to mind when writing this. I know you are really mad about how your last game went but when that cools down I hope you can reflect on this tour and realize how important you were to our success, you did phenomenal this tour regardless of the end.

Star not much to say here, pretty sure 10% of your logs were win posts LOL. You did a fantastic job and I loved how you would ask a ton of questions about any team passed your way, I just wish I was able to catch more of your games live.

Feliburn I was so hype to be able to get you because even though we have been friends for awhile we have never really been able to do anything mons related together. My one and only complaint is that you need to use more cheese, let the cheese grab ahold of you and make you stronger.

Moutemoute Moute double himself, the legend I always heard about but never really interacted with. You were a fun person to chat with and you won the games we really needed you to, I wish you the best of luck on the revolution my friend.

Killintime I fucking hate your guts, you insecure scum. I have spent the last like 4 years trying to convince you that you are a top 3 ORAS player and somehow you still had the audacity to hit me with "oh sorry guys I will try but I am just so bad idk if I can win" EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Be more confident bro you are so good at building, this tier is basically all pak builds now and you are the only other person who can consistently build unique teams that also win games. As I have said before I am down for you to retire because pokemon is a dog water game but don't ever act like you are bad at the game because you aren't.

MrAldo If I am being honest you were such an interesting person to team with lmao. Your ideology on the game I simply cannot agree with and I will not lie it made us mad but I actually was very happy to have you around towards the end of the tour. After we took you out of BW you spent every week providing multiple slots with advice/help and I appreciate that a lot. I hope you know that while I may have been annoyed by the no Toge rule you were definitely a good pick up for your prep assistance alone. That being said, please bring toge next time you play bw because I am certain you will catch their ass off guard LOL.

Micciu Okay now here is where things get HOT. Out of all the new people I met this tour you were by far my favorite, your building process and personality were fantastic. I genuinely think you are close to being one of the best UUers out there you just need to work on end game sequences. Every game of yours that I watched you either played incredibly well throughout or you made one mistake at the end that cost you game. I know for a fact a lot of big players agree with me on that because when we watched your games in call all of us were impressed. I don't even know what you play outside of dpp but god damn if dpp is new to you I would love to see what you consider your main, remember to shout me out when you get your UU ring cus I predict you win a team tour in the next year.

eden gonna be short since you probably won't see it but you really came back hard at the end of this tour, I distinctly remember being shocked in draft call when yall informed me that you would be our bw starter instead of adv. While you struggled in bw you absolutely killed it in adv, you bounced back on the weeks it mattered most good shit man.

kaori goat gsc player, I will die on the hill that you only lose to luck. I don't even have anything else to add you were a beast and I loved talking to you in team chat.

Draphirion I don't really have much to say about you since we didn't really interact much but thank you for being available when we needed you and for helping prep in SV

Corperate n My biggest regret about us locking playoffs so late was that we never really gave you a fair chance to play, the week you were subbed in doesn't even count imo. Just remember that every single person who has played a tournament on smogon has a story way more embarrassing than a timer loss on an already doomed game, you were a great presence and you helped a ton behind the scenes. You are another person who I hadn't heard of when shiba said to get you but I am glad to have met you because you really were a cool ass dude.

Staxi Much like Draph we just didn't interact much but I will say I really appreciate that any time we were asking around for potential subs you always stepped up, thank you for that.

People that helped us out a lot but I am too damn lazy to write about: Adaam sanguine TSR Amukamara Donphantastic Mimilucha

Now there is one shoutout I left out because I wanted it to be loud and clear for any potential managers for future tours and that is obviously...

S/o KSt3ve

Steve was by far the most important component of our team, this mad lad was building 3-4 slots every single week. On top of that he was providing players with detailed analysis of how the team works, how to handle certain problems, and when they should be looking to use certain teras. This guy is a dogshit manager's (me) dream. Our team was in an unfortunate spot as I am basically worthless for prep and shiba has no idea whats going on in SV so we really needed someone that would not only build a lot in SV but could also give clear instructions to good players on how to pilot said teams. I am certain Steve is probably one of the best users on the site for that specific task and I can very confidently say that we would have been the worst team by far if we didn't have a presence like him for SV. Steve, I know some people in the community are not particularly fond of you but not a single one of them can talk shit about your ability as a builder and player. Like for real you went 6-2 and at least 30 of your teams were used this tour my GOD. Thank you for all the hours of work you put in and I am sorry that we did not win because you absolutely deserved this.

This was a great UUPL and hopefully I get another chance to get involved with mons soon, thank you to everyone that made it happen.


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Never thought that i'd see the day where i'd write a shoutouts post again but here we are...

Since i got more involved with uu, i got a tier and community where i truly enjoyed being part of and winning a tour in here was a goal i had since then, but aside from the uusd with chernos i never got even close to it and didnt have much faith that this would be one when i signed up for one more uupl.

I was happy that i could end up on a team with some people that i knew before but still didn't want to create much expectative because i'd probably get frustrated so i just decided to see where it'd take me and that was a ride...

I wasn't motivated as i once was in the past, but seeing newcomers to tours like Queen of Bean and Mossy Sandwich helping a TON in our SV slots and even sometimes helping in old gens kinda made me guilty in not helping much and with me being busier this time i couldnt keep up with their pace, but they surely motivated me to be more active when i had time to.

I'm also very grateful to Lily not subbing me out after my rant about playing SM and instead sacrificing herself into this slot to allow me play SV which i won't say is an amazing meta but i always have more fun playing new current gen metas regarding UU, but i'm sorry for not being able to catch Ws here.

It was cool to see that we had a pretty fun and chill team overall and the team bonding even more after we clinched playoffs made it one of the best experiences i had in tours.

Anyway, i'll make the s/o now but as mentioned before since i was less active i might not have been able to talk too much with everyone and it might sound repetitive towards the end since i'm kinda lazy.

Lily zoe You both made a great work in getting such a chill and competitive roster and managed to keep the team together pretty well even when some stuff or another didn't work well, being open to listen to us about suggestions in LU and stuff like that while also creating a good team atmosphere and helping pretty much all slots. I don't think i could've asked for a better duo of manager, since obviously you both would check for extreme ass teams but also gave us a lot of freedom to choose whatever we wanted to bring to our matches and helping us being more comfy with our choices.

Finchinator Nat MichaelderBeste2 We knew you would be busy but having reliable slots that would bring us wins whether they'd be able to go deep in prep or not was such a nice feeling, no wonder why you all have success in multiple tiers at this point.

shiloh Xrn Kinda like Lily wrote, i thought you both would be good tour players that would grab wins but wouldn't be active for this tour, seems like i was very wrong regarding your activity. You both were such fun chat presences and it was cool to see both of you picking up tiers that you haven't played and getting to know them in a short amount of time, hope to see yall around for other uu tours.

Estarossa , aka the show, i know you weren't happy with the tier for this tour but it still amazes me how passionated someone is for a single tier in general, trying your best to come up with new concepts and keeping it fresh AND also being pretty active in pretty much all gens, your score surely doesn't reflect your ability and knowledge in the game.

Beraldo caralho mane baita cone tu kkkkkkkkkk mas clutchou quando precisamos nas semis, finalmente ganhamos algo desde tipo 2018 ne.

Wanka Didn't get to know you that much until this tour and while things didn't work that well for you in this tour you were such a great chat presence and seeing you come up with cool ideas for ORAS really made me want to play this gen again, i wish i could be more active to help you and i hope you stay around for uu tours.

mael The dpp uu solver... was nice to see your approach in preps, specially for poffs, and good executions in the games made us have a good dpp uu slot that was once cursed...

EternalSnowman We probably should have started you waaaay before, you were always there to help in tests or suggestions about teams when i was poorly trying to solve SM UU and seemed to know way more than me. Even though the finals win was uh......... you still were there to uncurse our SM UU slot that apparently couldn't win at all.

Clementine Another pretty cool chat presence that would teach us how to properly EV stuff because most of us have been playing this for years and still missed EVs LOL, it's a shame that i never ended up bringing Minior but maybe next UUPL is the time.....

Mossy Sandwich Queen of Bean Ngl i got into the tour hearing good stuff about both of you but seeing you both with my own eyes working in our SV chats was insane. You both are really involved with the meta and would always bring up good suggestions and that's probably one of the main reasons why our SV worked so well, it was such a shame that QoB couldn't get a chance to play a game, i believe she would do well like Mossy did having to sub in last minute and getting us an important win. Hope to see you both around for either UUSD or next UUPL as a starter this time, @managers don't sleep on them.

Specs I know you had some irl stuff going on and I hope everything is ok with you whenever you read this, wish you could enjoy this tour with us but since that wasn't the case at least you can enjoy it as a UUPL Champion.

Sylvi avarice Liz Angeles Spellcaster vivalospride Thank you all for joining us in poffs, it was amazing to see all the effort you guys put in to help us and we're really grateful for that, specially to avarice and spellcaster for being there for me whenever i spammed them with 15 tests in a row.

Last but not least, thanks Theia and autumn for making this tour run smoothly, you both did such an amazing job.

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