Tournament UUPL VIII - Semifinals

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great games to the ladies, adaam and christo are absolutely insane players and adaam drafted an obscenely cool team, props to gxe as well for bossing his first tour, tons of credit to the entire team. heysup's arguably the best uu oldgens player on site and it sucks to have him lose games to luck, wish i could've snagged him for myself lol.

i'm going to write a brief thing here and i know it's not like super apropos to make shoutouts if you dont win but honestly thats hella gay, fuck that i love my team. we made playoffs, and i'm doing shoutouts.

i essentially torpedoed any chance our team had of winning around week four. i had a ton of classwork that had started to pile up and i couldn't workhorse without feeling incredibly unproductive and distracted from school, which hurt my team's ss slots in innumerable ways. less prep, building, less test games, etc etc. this was compounded by a meta i didn't like building in, so i devoted most of my limited time to dpp building and some oras for the middle weeks, largely because i had more fun in those tiers. the onus of blame for our poor SS records lies almost entirely on myself, and for that i would sincerely like to apologize to my team.

on a lighter note, learning dpp uu and cranking out teams with the help of both donny p and general trial and error was incredibly fun. people are probably tired of the hackneyed cliche of it being the best uu meta, but i genuinely believe that it is. give it a try if you haven't lol.

both my own record and my play were incredibly subpar, to which the entirety of the blame should be centered around myself for the same reasons our SS wasn't as good as it could have been. the field i was playing in was probably the toughest i've been up against since snake, so props to all of my opponents for largely dumpstering me in our games, you're all amazing lol.

while we didn't win this season i had a lot of fun managing, and i hope to continue in some capacity on-site down the line. it was a hell of a ride and it was super enjoyable.


i wanted you for adv and general prep help immediately after i got picked as a manager, and man, you did exactly as advertised. phenomenal chat presence, helper, and everything in between. i hope you get a chance to manage in some capacity in the future if that's what you're interested in. you'll kill it for sure. thanks for playing with us bro.

Eternal Spirit

not the most active dude but BRO YOU OWNED EVERY GAME GANHAMOS LOLOLOLO. no regrets at all in getting you, thanks for carrying our asses to playoffs. love you man, thanks for playing with us.

Lopunny Kicks

i think your contributions honestly deserve more credit. i was slightly nervous to begin the season with you at BW, but you proved your usefulness in spades. you were largely self-sufficient, and your teams were phenomenal and innovative. tons of credit to you bro. thanks for playing with us, you absolutely own.


it sucks that this largely exacerbated you not being super involved with mons, and i'm sorry i couldn't have offered better critiques to your teams than "this is heat lol." you're one of the best players on site and your early wins made me obscenely happy. thanks for playing with us bro, you're a great dude.


LUUUUUUUUTH. you're a crazy good player bro, i hope you kill it in world cup if you decide to play. sorry i couldn't have given you better MUs in SS bro. if you'd had good ones in a large majority of games you definitely finish this tour positive. tons of credit to your play man, glad we linked during this season.


empoleone, my boy. a great dude who i've had the pleasure of talking to for a while now, thanks for winning some great games down the stretch. sorry i couldn't have prepped more in sm for you, 4-4 doesn't reflect your profound skill in any capacity. you absolutely rock.


i know your first tour didn't go as planned, but man, you played some fire games bro. if you choose to continue playing i know you can dunk on these fools in any level of play. keep killing these kids, excited to see you in OLT man. get this money.


i know you're disappointed in yourself because of your record, but the fact remains that you were continually passed subpar teams and were on the end of some unlucky rng. it happens. sorry i couldn't get you more wins and thanks for being a good dude.


i know this isn't how you wanted things to go. setbacks happen in mons. i don't know if me telling you to be confident or that you're a good player will have any effect but i genuinely respect you as a player and there's a reason i kept starting you over myself. whatever you want to do in this community you can do. 100%. you're a great person with an infectious personality and while your playing can improve, you have an immense degree of potential if you want to get better. thanks for all your help this season, you rock as fuck.



holy fuck i'm happy you signed up. unquestionable mvp of the team. we don't sniff playoffs without you. biggest steal of the tour, etc etc. i know you're disappointed in your last game and that's natural. but fuck it dude you killed it this season. i couldn't have asked for more bro. thanks for playing for me.


my man. your prep was invaluable and you helped in DPP and ADV a ton. thanks for all your helpful critiques, you're an awesome dude and i was happy to have you aboard.

Thiago Nunes

bro. i did not expect you to go 5-3 when i picked you up. having you slot into dpp uu, a tier you had ZERO experience with, and absolutely dominate some of the best players on site was nothing short of phenomenal. thank you so much for your tireless effort and your natural mons skill. you rule.

all the helpers/friends (some of whom i kicked after like w5 lmfao):

vivalospride Odd Della Robbia ima GOAO Yay obii Hyogafodex Lilburr Haru Highways ILoveMilk


thanks for all of your help and support, be it in the draft, general prep, or just talking itc/being my friend. you guys make being on this site worth it.

oh and shoutouts to TPP and Finchinator for making this the best UUPL i've been a part of, best hosts hands down.
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That was a game for the ages, Eo Ut Morty Bagons. Even though you lost, it was a hell of an effort. So proud of my guy, always playin, never winnin, comin back for more time after time. I mean, the man lost to folgorio in Smogon Tour and Keeps Coming. I'd be interested in your Thought Process regarding Moves and Team Building Eo. It would make a hell of a read! so, GIVE EO WARSTORY!


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Eterna Forest Veterans vs. Mikan Island Monsters
SS UU: Accelgor vs Ajna - Two of the hottest SS players alive right now in this mu. This could literally go either way. I’m excited to watch this one live.
ORAS UU: CBU vs. Garay Oak - Garay is the most impressive player in ORAS that I’ve seen thus far this year, while Choice Banded Umbreon’s ability to build and play this tier remains rather... questionable. I would say this is in Garay’s favor, but CBU is never one you should count out. This is definitely shaping up to be an exciting one.
GSC UU: Mr. 378 vs d0nut - I have not watched much GSC, but Mr.378 has been on a tear, winning every single game Week 2 onwards. I gotta bold the hot hand here.


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Eterna Forest Veterans (2) vs. (1) Mikan Island Monsters

SS UU: Accelgor vs. Ajna - Wow, the toughest of the 3 games to call probably. Ajna has had a phenomenal tour so far, sweeping aside pretty much everyone in his path convincingly while Accel's had highs and lows, with his clutch win against TDK last time out a real high as he seemed to come back from a real shitty spot to close out a tough endgame. I'm gonna go with Ajna here purely because he's been more consistent so far as well along with all his tour experience. Expecting a fun watch here, both these guys play a strong aggressive game.
ORAS UU: CBU vs. Garay oak - CBU has really been leading from the front this UUPL, being dominant in probably the toughest pool out of them all and has shown multiple times how strong his ORAS game is. Garay has been consistently good in this tier over multiple UUPLs, but I think CBU is just on another level right now.
GSC UU: Mr.378 vs. d0nut - I think this is a smaller edge than their records and previous games show, because d0nut is a good GSCer and I still think a lot of the time when I've watched 378 he's got a lot of breaks go for him while it hasn't seemed to happen much the other way round. That said you obviously don't fluke your way to such a strong record as you still need to play the advantages out so I'll favour him here.


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Eterna Forest Veterans (2) vs. (1) Mikan Island Monsters
SS UU: Accelgor vs. Ajna - I will bold accel despite ajna's hot streak this whole tour bc the post above bolds ajna and I believe the reason for this was racism, yep Freeroamer, pls have more class in the future, give accel a shot w/o letting ur personal bias get in the way you piece of rat bastard. I'll never forgive you for beating martha :(, you have a badge again, maybe change the custom tag and avi you've had locked for 2000 years you absolute braindead horse
ORAS UU: CBU vs. Garay oak - I said something in the nu discord the other day and garay was the only person who responded to me so he will get the nod and bc I did this predict last bc it's the least exciting and if I don't bold garay I'd have bolded a clean sweep which I think would be lame. Gary pulled literally all the hoes in the world in the anime, dingbat is the gary slayer but he was benched for whatever reason.
GSC UU: Mr.378 vs. d0nut - I've bolded against this number guy iirc in the like 2 other predicts ive made this tour but I will not be bolding against him this time due to his opponent. Donuts are usually eaten by humans and the title "mr" implies that he is some sort of living creature at the bare minimum. Should be an easy game as donuts can't even use computers, let alone play a game as complex and high iq as mons.
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