Multi Gen Ubers Tour Stats Thread (Updated as of Spring Seasonal Finals)

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Ubers Tournament Stats Thread
(Updated as of Finals Spring Seasonals)

This thread will be used to keep track of various statistics involving the performance of players in major Ubers tournaments. This arose from a need to record playoff standings for Ubers Seasonal and developed into a more robust project. This thread will be updated as seasonal and other major Ubers tournaments progress. Many statistics are kept track of, but the three big ones are playoff standings, raw score, and Ubers power rankings. Stats from UPL III and UPL IV are also posted but do not affect these three rankings. The derivations for these and other stats are explained below.

Tournament Hall of Fame:
Coming in Gen 7

Playoff Table:

Top 40 Table:

Terms and Derivations

WW: Total number of winner's bracket wins
WL: Total number of winner's bracket losses
LW: Total number of loser's bracket wins
LL: Total number of loser's bracket losses
TW: Total Wins = WW + LW
TL: Total Losses = WL + LL
Win % = [Total Wins / (Total Wins + Total Losses)]*100
FR: Furthest Round
2-0 Wins: Number of victories won in two games
Placement: Score addition for placing: 7 for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd
MP: Match Points = WW*2 + LW*1.75
PLP: Playoff Points = WW*2 + LW*1 + Placement
PWP: Power Points = Match Points + Placement + ADJ
OS Win %: Combined Seasonal Win %
O PLP: Combined Seasonal Playoff Points
O PWP: Combined Seasonal Power Points
OW: Open Wins
OL: Open losses
O Win %: Open Win %
Open Points = Open Wins*2
Combined PP: Combined Power Points = O PWP + Open Points
C PLP: Combined Playoff Points
Consistency: Overall W-L %
FPP: Final Power Points = Combined PP*Consistency

Complete Alphabetical Table for Summer + Fall Seasonals and Open:

Complete Alphabetical Table for Previous + Winter and Spring Seasonals:

UPL III Stats:

UPL IV Stats:

UPL IV Team Stats:

UPL Terms and Derivations

CPW = Cost Per Win
EV = Estimated Value: An estimate of what a given player should have gone for at auction based on their performance.
ERV = Estimated Relative Value: This is sort of a "who was the best buy" indicator, as it takes into account performance and cost. It is a pretty accurate way to determine who was much too expensive of a buy and who should have gone for a lot more.

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