Multi Gen Ubers Battle of the Week: Mk. III (Week 18: Voting OPEN)


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This week's BotW is Isa vs Jorgen! I guess the people want a preview of GSC Ubers before UPL. Please post in the thread whenever you guys will play.

On another note - if I find evidence that people are telling other people to vote for them, they are disqualified from the current week and future weeks indefinitely. Consider this a warning, you know who you are.

magsyy your post was literally made seconds after I typed out "this week's BotW is Isa vs Jorgen", so I can't count it. =\


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So, a few of you already know this, but my dad was in the hospital last week. Three doctors and a thoracic (did I spell that right? I've been awake for around eighteen hours now, anything's possible) surgeon were all baffled, and after four hours, he was discharged with an appointment for Tuesday. Today, it got worse, so we went to the hospital again, and I spent New Years watching line after line of drunk people walk into the Emergency room. (Which wasn't a particularly terrible experience - the dude singing "Born This Way" into the blown up rubber glove isn't something I'll forget anytime soon.) After five hours, we got some good news - the condition's been improving, and its not serious! (Thanks to all the people wishing us well.) HOWEVER, a bunch of stuff has been booked over the next several days, so my activity will be sporadic at best for probably the next week or so. As such, I may not be able to update this thread for a little while. Just a heads up - it certainly won't be forgotten about, but will take a slight break after Isa v Jorgen.

Happy New Years, everyone. Hope you spent it with the people you love :]
(and that just might be the best post I've ever made at 2:00 A.M c:)


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why was I nominated? I guess I can do Sunday tho, whatever. GSC Ubers is kinda fun and not too serious.
Because no one here (myself included) knows who /actually/ plays gsc ubers. In the first post nominating gsc ubers (mine i think?) I just listed some big names of gsc/people who expressed interest in GSC ubers for UPL.

I do hope you both take it seriously though as it could help Gen2s chances for this/future UPL. Right now literally 99% of arguments for/against GSC ubers are unsubstantiated. Perhaps your game with Isa can give us something to work with so more objective opinions can be formed instead of subjectivity.


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Oh don't worry. I always play to win. By "serious" I meant stressful. Also Isa is generally easy to coordinate with, which I find is otherwise the most unpleasant part of mons.


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damn i guess i cannot bring full stall then, gotta think of the youviews


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[14:51] @yohoE:mm2
[14:51] @yohoE: ima nom u for botw
[14:52] Melee Mewtwo: nom me vs ptr in adv



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ALRIGHT if there's really that much support for a non-ORAS match that week, so be it... *sigh*. If Melee Mewtwo and PTR win the vote and manage to find each other and play, I'd be fine with that, but good luck getting that to happen.

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