Multi Gen Ubers Battle of the Week: Mk. III (Week 18: Voting OPEN)


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Also, since nobody reads the OP - please don't vote for Sweep for the forseeable future, he's requested not to play.

steve angello

I won 1-0 in a good game.

Match Review: Hazard Qwilfish + Kyogre "Bulky" HO vs Zoro's traditional / more standard HO. I attempted Acupressure Tentacruel which failed me completely, getting stomped by both giratina-o and roar dialga. I was able to pull out the win despite being down due to Arceus-Grass having a good match-up vs the rest of his team late game, overall I think this was a fairly solid match.

Also shout-outs to ZF, he doesn't talk much sometimes but he's one of the classiest people I've known on smogon, had no problems scheduling the match with him and he was very cool after the match when I talked to him despite the close lost, we need more people like him on smogon. Thanks for this last BOTW guys, now it's time for my real retirement from this game.
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