BW OU True Shadow Tag Abuse: OU MonoPsychic

Hello guys, it's your girl, Kassidy Bottom here with a new MonoPsychic Team!!! If you can read, this team is obviously based around the dreaded ability.....Shadow Tag!! This ability will be abused so hard that it will be VERY hard for teams to beat this!!! Before you haters scream "troll team", just so you know:

1. I have tested this. It works!
2. I did use this on the ladder. So far I'm undefeated!
3. Please don't copy this team!! If you do, at least give me credit! Ok!! Here is the squad!! Role call time!!

OK, We gotta create the most vicious Shadow Tag Team Ever!!!, But How?

First...I needed the man who made this ability infamous around the Pokemon community!

"There he is!!"

Aww, but Wobby is lonely....but luckily, his little brother can help him too :)
download.jpg download (3).jpg
"They look adorable together!!"

Next...I did a little research and luckily, the Gothitelle Family can learn Shadow Tag too!! And they're Psychic!! 2 for the price of 1!! Join the party guys!!! ;)
download.jpg download (3).jpg download (6).jpg download (1).jpg download (2).jpg
"The gang's all here!!! And there's no escape!!"

Unfortunately, Little Gothita can't join!!! Her Shadow Tag isn't released yet!! Looks like she has to stay and play at Little Cup... :(

download.jpg download (3).jpg download (1).jpg download (2).jpg
"I guess this will have to do..."

Aww man!! No more Psychic Shadow Taggers! Looks like we need some filler....Hmmm, which is more important late game? Stall, Hax, or Power?! :rolleyes:
download.jpg download (3).jpg download (1).jpg download (2).jpg download (7).jpg

"Why not? Don't wanna mess with him late game!!"

Finally, one more "bodyguard", for safe keeping!! :cool:
download.jpg download (3).jpg download (1).jpg download (2).jpg download (7).jpg download (5).jpg
"Now were looking good!!"

We got the Shadow Taggers!! We got the Last Resorts!! We got a gameplan!! Ready or not!!! Hear we come!! And if we do, remember....


Time to introduce you guys to my friends!! Tee hee hee!!

The Shadow Squad
by Kassidy Bottom

Punching Bag (Wobbuffet) (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 28 HP / 232 Def / 248 SDef
Bold Nature
- Counter
- Mirror Coat
- Encore
- Destiny Bond

Hey!! It's a punching bag!!! Except you don't wanna hit this one!! This guy is the main lead 99% of the time!! First of all, offensive teams better worry, cuz if they hit Punching Bag, the hit will be rebounded back at them!! If they manage to kill the Punching Bag, a well timed Destiny Bond will finish threats easy!! Getting a rebounded atack with CounterCoat will deal tons of damage too!! If however, they are scared of the CounterCoat Rebound Damage, they "could" go for a save non-damaging move like Stealth Rocks, or for a nice Swords Dance, right? :rolleyes: However, while a couple of Sword Dances sounds good, it won't look good if you have to do it again....and again.....and again..... (Encore)!!:p If you do, then Wobby's good friend Trixie will have to come in!! :D (Skip to the Trixie section to find out why this is bad for an opponent!)

download (3).jpg
Wynaut? B-Cuz! (Wynaut) (M) @ Eviolite
Trait: Shadow Tag
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 152 Def / 148 SDef / 208 Spd
Bold Nature
- Encore
- Counter
- Mirror Coat
- Destiny Bond

Yay!!! The Punching Bag is back again, but this time, much smaller, and much more adorable!! He can also run the CounterCoat set like his big bro, and can force a setup foe into repetition!! :) However, Punching Bag will get the job done right, and if you try to kill my good friend Wynaut, Destiny Bond will take you out too!! Wynaut is a backup for Wobby if Wobby dies, so Wynaut can just chill on the bench :toast:

images (1).jpg
Trixie (Gothorita) (F) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Shadow Tag
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spd / 4 Def
Timid Nature
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Safeguard
- Trick

What if a foe Encored into Sword Dance? Oh no!! He will get x4 Attack in no time!! I'm gonna lose!! Not to worry folks!! Trixie is here to save the day!! When a foe is trapped into a status move, Trixie comes to give her foe the "Kiss of Death".... a permanent trap into a now useless status move!! Trick alone will allow the foe to "pick their poison", and Encore only lasts for 3 turns, but Shadow Tag + Encore + Trick (Game, SET, Match:D) is a permanent way of getting rid of a foe!! Good luck setting up rocks for 20+ more turns :)!! Now you gave Gothitelle the most perfect opportunity to set up Calm Mind as she pleases!! But what if the status move is Toxic? Hmm...then Trixie will set up Safeguard! Although the incoming status ailment will slow down the sweep, Gothitelle can get a few Calm Minds up and begin to wreak havoc from there before the status hits!!:p

download (8).jpg
The EmoGirl (Gothitelle) (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Shadow Tag
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SAtk / 4 SDef
IVs: 0 Spe
Quiet Nature
- Calm Mind
- Trick Room
- Hidden Power [Dragon]
- Thunderbolt

Wobbufett want's to play a mindgame, Trixie wants to set the foe in an unavoidable trap, and The EmoGirl is now ready to end the match!! ;) EmoGirl can easily set up Calm Mind up to +6 on SpA and SpD without any worry! HP Dragon gives me unavoidable neutral coverage on everyone except Steel Types, and Thunderbolt will hit every Steel Type for neutral damage unless if their second typing resists or negates Electric Type Moves, but at +6 SpA, no one is safe, so I wouldn't wanna mess with that! Since Gothitelle is naturally slow, Trick Room will allow her to ruin faster threats!:p:p:p

download (7).jpg
Saving Ace (Latios) @ Expert Belt
Trait: Levitate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 4 SDef
Timid Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Psyshock
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Ground]

This moveset is very basic o_O, yet Latios will only get in if EmoGirl dies, but by the time she dies, the opponent lost so many Pokemon, so I hope the foe left a Tyranitar for him lol :D!! Since Gothitelle will be considered a threat in the opponents eyes, all attention will be on her!! Latios can easily sneak in a revenge kill super late game after the foe lost all his major teammates! This moveset gives Latios average coverage, with HP Ground for the Steel Types he loves!! :):):)
download (5).jpg
Punisher (Metagross) @ Leftovers
Trait: Clear Body
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Hone Claws
- Earthquake
- Meteor Mash
- Bullet Punch

Late game Physical Sweeper, Metagross has the same role as massive damage when Gothitelle dies/can't do it's job! Hone Claws will allow him to set up his Attack to dangerous levels, and he can end teams pretty fast!! Meteor Mash better give me more Attack boosts, and Bullet Punch Spam is good for fast threats!! This move is focused on gaining a lot of attack and hurting the foe hard!!:cool::cool::cool:

:D:D:DWobby is hard to counter! People will make the mistake of "outsmarting" him so they won't get hit with a CounterCoat, so they go for a set up move instead, however, that's what Wobby wants!! When Wobby Encores the foe into a set up move, Trixie will come in to permanetly trap the foe into that move by giving the foe her Choice Scarf! Now the foe is all SET (Shadow Tagged + Encore + Tricked)!! Then big Sis Gothitelle can Calm Mind to the max, Trick Room, and Sweep!! But if, however, there is a reason not to go into the main plan, or if Gothitelle is rendered useless, Latios and Metagross can handle themselves really well in a fight! Latios doesn't have to worry about Fire and Ground Attacks, and Metagross takes neutral damage from Bug, Dark, and Ghost, while resisting Dragon and Ice! This strategy has back up plans if the opponent is a little "annoying" to defeat!! :D:D:D

A bad prediction will put me in a bind!! Prankster Teams will hurt this team, AKA, Sableye!! My team hates Taunt!! Although i never battled a Prankster Team, I can already tell that they would destroy this team....:eek::eek::eek: Also, U-Turn and Volt Switch and Shed Bell will be annoying, as I can't trap people who can escape from Shadow Tag, even though I haven't battled an "Escape Artist" Pokemon yet!! A Substitute will block SET, being problematic! :oops::oops: Toxic/Any Ailment isn't a major problem if the opponent is SET, but I can only stall an incoming Toxic with Safeguard, so the sweep will be cut short! Also, anyone who can OHKO Wobby is a threat, cuz then the stragety crumbles! If Trixie is the last one standing, I lose!! The lead really determines if the opponent is "sweepable", or a "struggle"! Leads like Ferrothorn who love Stealth Rocks will easily be SET, however, Politoed's who love to spam Toxic/Perish Song, won't be so easy to SET (but if Politoed uses Perish Song, it'll shoot itself in the foot:))!! Unaware Pokemon will be annoying to killo_O, and Gothitelle dying/the SET being used up will be problematic!! Yet although only Sableye will turn the team into rubbish, everything else can be managed if the predictions are on the spot!
*Note to self: Trixie needs a move to replace Reflect and Light Screen!!

This team is hard to beat, yet not without it's problems!! Hopefully, this doesn't cause Shadow Tag to be considered Uber!!! I made this team because my offensive battle style wasn't helping me climb to the of the ladder in OU Monotype, and because Stall Walls ended up beating me in the end! This will hurt set up teams, because this set is made to punish players who like to set up Spikes and Sword Dance, so these type of players are not safe!! This team is a little trolly at first glance, but make no mistake, this team is successful for me, and is a new way of messing with teams/causing rage quits!! Have fun guys, and don't copy a team if you don't know how to use it!! Any tips on how to improve the invincible troll team is appreciated!! :D:D:D:p:p:p:D:D:D

-Kassidy Bottom

This stragety can offer the perfect opportunity for set up to the max, however, Gothitelle is too weak to sweep, even at x4 SpA, and some pokemon will outright destroy you, such as Scizor, and Garvantula, because to me, your team will fall apart if your SET fails..., and did you notice the EVs on Latios? They're all messed up!

But don't get me wrong, your team is tricky to beat, and if you predict right, then your foes team will be hurt big!! My tip to you....keep Gothitelle alive at all costs!
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I'll start with the bigger problems. Whynaut and Gothorita both have reasons that they should never be used in OU. Whynaut is completely outclassed by Wobbuffet and is to frail to deal with the powerhouses of OU. It has shadow tag which gives it a small niche, but there are so many other options which would be much more useful in the long run. Again with Gothorita, it has its function on your team, but it only works once and could also be replaced with something better. If you really want to exploit wish you should replace gothorita or whynaut with jirachi, which can pass wishes to wobbuffet, which will allow wobbuffet to trap more pokemon. Jirachi will also help with the huge scizor weakness (metagross isn't really enough by itself).

Talking about the scizor weakness, you should put hidden power fire on latios, as this OHKO's scizor's trying to trap Latios and still hits steels hard (except heatran). Latios also shouldn't be investing in hp (if you wan't a bulky version of latios just you latias, as it does this better). Latios should have a high special attack and speed and none at all in attack.

On Gothitelle, hp fighting or fire would be much more useful than dragon (dragon's really not a great attacking type) and would deal with steel. You also really could use some stab in psychic or psyshock, as even at +6, there are pokemon that can resist a neutral non stab thunderbolt or hidden power.

You also have a huge weakness to volcorona. Offensive volcorona, can OHKO every pokemon on this team without quiver dance, even Wobbuffet if stealth rock is up. The most you can do is try to set up light screen with choice scarf gothorita, but if you do this the volcorona can get a quiver dance with prediction. Victini, would allieviate this problem, as it can take most of its unboosted hits and hit back with a v-create. Victini would also greatly help this team when facing monobug teams. I would replace gothorita or Whynaut with victini.

The last thing, is more general than something that needs to be changed. Typically, shadow tag pokemon are amazing at supporting sweepers and eliminating threats that get in the way of the sweepers. They aren't usually the focus of the team, rather they help the star of the team do its job, when it has checks that absolutely need to be out of the way for it to function. I think the first question that should come into mind when using a shadow tag pokemon is 'which pokemon it will support'. I think that your shadow tag team would be better generally, if you chose a sweeper, based your team around that sweeper, then chose the appropriate shadow tag user/trapper to support it.
Congratulations , this team is really hard to beat, but sadly, whynaut and gothorita are not really useful in ou. not supposed to be used on ou. first of my suggestion: strong attackers like Latios give you much problems. even wobba gets much damage, and another attack will put the word end to his life, like scizors u-turn. scizor is the biggest problem for your team. I suggest you remove gothorita for scarf rachi
Jirachi @ choice scarf
Evs : 252 speed / 4 atk / 252 hp
Trait : serene grace
nature : adamant/ jolly
Moveset :
• Iron Head
• U-turn
• Wish
• Trick

This jirachi can do the same job of gothorita, but much BETTER. scizor is not a problem, you can cure your wobba with wish, and his max hp will give wobba a good aumount of hp, if you wish you can put 252 Evs in atk and 4 in speed, is your choice. yes, volcarona can be problematic for you. Maybe Victini will help you so much like the other says, he will help even with scizor, ah PS on gothitelle use psyshock and HP fighting, psychic + fighting combo is resisted only by latwins and dark/ghost combo. Because this is a mono psyco, victini is your best choice but if you use victini, remove metagross or you will be weak to ground moves. maybe you can use a Xatu for remove entry hazards and cover the new ground weakness, but even espeon will help, bouncer and special attacker, or even annoyer/ screen setter. Is all I have to say. GL with your team, bye! AH, PPS, Latios Evs are wrong! they should be 4 hp / 252 spatk and 252 speed. And use hp fire ^.^
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Hey there! Pretty cool team you have here and reminds me if GothGor from the TCG. I hope my advice will help you!

First off, I think you should replace Wynaut. Although its a pretty cool Pokemon, I don't think there's really any point in having it when you have Wobbuffet. So I think you should replace Wynaut with Final Gambit Victini. This set is terrifying late game because it can kill almost anything (barring some walls like Blissey).
The math with Gothitelles Trick Room doesn't add up meaning you can't kill 6 Pokes in 5 turns, so having a sure fire way to kill that last Pokemon that could possibly sweep your whole team can be very handy for you.

Next, have you get thought about running Lum Berry on Gothitelle? Normally Gothitelle probably takes no damage because the opponent is locked into a non attacking move. So with Lum Berry, you can buy yourself an extra turn with Goth to set up TR and then kill the other Poke. Probably super gimmicky but hey!

Lastly, I think you should replace Metagross with Scarf Jirachi. With Serene Grace and Iron Head, you can basically flinch the opponent to death and not fear being outspeed and nailed with an EQ. Jirachi can also learn Healing Wish, which can basically save you whole entire strategy to heal one of your key Pokemon (i.e., Wobbuffet, Gothitelle, Gothorita) I think this can really improve your team strategy and give you an answer against Scizor (in Fire Punch).

That's it! Great gimmicky but very cool team hope my advice help and please PM for the sets. I still don't know how to do the hide thing. Sigh.

P.S. if I ever run into you on Showdown, I'm forfeiting right away. B) jk
I really liked the idea of a shadow tag team so I took your idea and improved it a bit (imo). Have been winning non-stop with this team! I call it The Darkside. Why? Because the strategy is really sneaky .

The plan is the same. But to expand the wobbuffet brothers lifetime I have added 2 great Healers in Umbreon and Clefable. Also, by giving trick to Gothielle we get a team slot for a sweeper/momentum abuser/priority user in the form of Mega Aerodactyl. He also compensates for the bug-weakness.
So lets talk actual strategy; Leading with Wobbufeet is often best, otherwise clefable. First turn encore works very good, since most people want to set up on first move; either rocks, web or spikes. Then we can directly switch to Gothielle and trick --> calm mind --> Sweep. If this doesnt work right away, the wobbuffet brothers must make encore something before the end game or gothielle will be useless. Destiny bond --> Encore can be used for this. In fact, heavy threats like Charizard-Y should always be destiny bonded. No playing around. If the team cannot beat a poke Gothielle could also sacrifice herself by tricking that pokemon her scarf and being useless after that. Umbreon and Clefable will have the most spotlight, since their combo walls many pokemon. If your oppenent is good and doesnt allow the healers to set up you can always block an attack with a healer wish, and then switch in something approperiate. And with healed wobbys shadow tag should eventuelly result in kills and ruin the opponents symbiosis. Umbreon will take care of annoying status on Aerodactyl and Wobbys. If opponent is setting up, Umbreons foul play and Aeordactyls attacks and Whirlwind is useful.

(Cassidys set but Item: Lum berry and EV: all in Def and sp Def) Since wobbufeets biggest weakness is status this will work nicely. Unfortunate Wyanot cannot hold it because of neccesary eviolite

(Cassidys set)

Trick!!/ Calm mind/ Thunder bolt/ Hp ice No Gothorita here! Gothorita is a weaker sweeper without Trick room but we gain another Item: Choice scarf slot to the team this way. Also Hidden power ice is better than dragon for coverage.

Wish/ Cosmic power/ Stored Power/ (Stealth rocks/Belly drum) Clefable the tank and healer. More specially oriented while Umbreon is physical. Wish Item:Leftovers passes strong heals to the wobbys, cosmic poer + stored power makes clefable an o Abillity: Magic Guard offensive threat given time. The last move could be belly drum for increased Stored power or stealth rocks for more solid garanteed damage. Also Magic guard is heaven- sent; blocking leech seed toxic, burn.

Wish/ Curse/ Heal bell/ Foul play Umbreon is a healer and physical wall and can reflect status on the opponent. It Item: Leftovers works great in combo whith Wobbuffet. Encore the oppenent into will o wisp/toxic Ability: Synchronize and switch in Umbreon. Foul play turns the opponents (physical) attack agaisnt him, and if he has a low attack stat you can just Curse all day. Umbreon would rather not battle special attackers however.

Aerodactyl I wanted a fast offensive Mega evolution on the last spot. And it had to block bug Fire fang/ Ice fang/Pursuit/ (Stone edge/Whirlwind) and typical bug-related moves like Stone Edge, Earthqauke, Close Combat, Iron Item:Mega stone Head. Aerodactyl fits the picture, and has a fire/ice combo that wreaks havoc. Ability: Unnerve Aerodactly wants to fit in, and therefore has pursuit on the last move; ensuring you. cant escape from him. Im not sure about the whirlwind since Aerodactyl cant take many hits, but it's something the team needs.

I was considering mean look for Umbreon xD. That would make her a trapper too which would be awesome but she needs the Heal bell. Please give me feedback what u all think about this set! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:
"This jirachi can do the same job of gothorita, but much BETTER. "

Nope. The pokemon will be able to escape. If Wobbuffet encores something and you then switch to Jirachi while you go for Trick the opponent wil switch out, and they sweep is ruined.

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