Tournament Tours Plaza Premiere IV : Semi Finals

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Welcome to the fourth edition of the TOURS PLAZA PREMIER. For this edition, the tournament will be composed of 8 teams of 8 players and a minimum of 3 subs that will compete in a straight round-robin tournament, and every team will get to play against every other team. At the end of the round robin, the top four teams will move on to our series semi-finals, where the #1 seed will take on the #4 seed, and #2 will take on the #3 seed, to determine our grand finalists. A win will be worth 2 points, a draw 1, and a loss 0.

Basic Tournament Rules - you absolutely should read this, especially if you're new to forum tournaments

Tiers (Click on each of them for the challenge code!)

- Gen 8 Tier Shift + Almost Any Ability
- Gen 8 STABmons Mix n' Mega
- Bring 12, pick 6 Gen 6 / 7/ 8 Multi Gen Random Battles
- Gen 8 Camomons Doubles OU
- Gen 8 National Dex Same Six
- Gen 8 National Dex Ubers - Obtainable Formes
- Gen 8 Monotype CAP
- Best of 3 Mystery OU (Gen 6/ Gen 7/ Gen 8)
Gen 6: OU mono colour, the colour of your pokemon can change when it mega-evolves, as long as the original form shares the same colour as the rest of the team, you're fine. You'll refer to the sim dex, by using the command (/dt pokemon) such as:

Gen 7: OUBL (Add up to 2 restricted only to your team : +Genesect, +Dugtrio (-ARENA TRAP), + Pheromosa, +Metagrossite, + Zygarde))
Gen 8: Bring 9, Pick 6, Item Clause, No Overlapping Types: Two or more pokémon cannot share the same type.

Matchups :

The Anistar Articunos (1) vs The Ruhenheim Runerigus (5)

Managers: Latias TDR -- blce fabwooloo

TSAAA: PociekMociek vs longhiep341
STABnMega: Aggrometaile vs fabwooloo
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): LoSconosciuto vs London13
Camo Doubles: Shadowmonstr7 vs Roldski32
National Dex Same Six: sanguine vs TheFranklin
Screenshot_20220926-133847_Chrome (1).jpg

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: Fc vs Reje
Monotype CAP : Trichotomy vs tier
Mystery OU: Spl4sh vs Ewin

Absolute Absolposters (4) vs The Balete Drive Banettes (4)

Managers: Icemaster The Number Man -- Euphonos PokeArt2004♥

TSAAA: The Number Man vs Euphonos
STABnMega: Icemaster vs Axzel
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Casual dot exe vs MichaelderBeste2
Camo Doubles: Yoda2798 vs zee
National Dex Same Six: Tony vs shiloh

NatDex Ubers - Obtainable Forms: Will vs Kate
Monotype CAP: DugZa vs Perish Song
Mystery OU: lax vs ez


This week ends 2nd October at 11:59 PM EST. Good luck everyone!
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very interesting
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And with that, the Anistar Articunos are officially out...
This has been a very special tournament for me. This was my first ever tour managing and a very rewarding one. Coming into this tour, I wasn't expecting to draft such a great team and get to the point that we got to. I can't possibly thank my team enough for all of their effort. However, I would still like to give some brief s/outs
Micoy Daki Thank you for entrusting me as a manager and giving me the opportunity to enter the TPP platform. Both of you were great hosts and I acknowledge the effort you put into the tour. The tour hosting quality has increased from last year asw. Good work both of you. You are amazing and wonderful people.
TDR I know you weren't too farmiliar with the tpp but you have helped me a lot throughout the tour. From the draft, to lineups, to scheduling. Thank you accepting my request for being my co-manager friend.
Trichotomy our Mono CAP goat. Had carried us throughout the tour. Also helped immensely in same six. You have undoubtedly lived up to our potential
Fc carried us in ND Ubers. Helped us in OU as well. You were a really good buy. Really glad we picked you up.
LoSconosciuto still can't believe we got you for just 3k lol. Went undefeated throughout the tour with a 7-0 record. You were one of the best rands players in this pool.
PrinceOfAllTacos You had provided a lot of moral support for our team(and I did not realize that the name was taken before I had announced it...I'm sorry). I can't thank you enough.
PociekMociek You had provided us good results and support in multiple tiers. I also appreciate the enthusiasm you showed. Really glad we met.
Aggrometaile I know you had some really bad games throughout the tour. But you were still persistent and enthusiastic. I hope we can meet again in a tour.
Shadowmonstr7 We didn't get to interact much but you are still a goat. I know you really disliked the tier you were slotted in. DOU Camo really is a stupid tier. It's unfortunate you didn't get to have the best series.
Leru I know you were pretty busy irl and didn't get to build much for Same Six. Sadly, you couldn't do your best this year. I still thank you for your help to the team and the games you played.
Spl4sh Gray Sahki AtraX Madara Our OU Squad throughout the weeks couldn't get to their full potential. But you are all really cool people and worthy of respect.
trace You are a really amazing person and I wish you the best for your irl.
sanguine I'm sorry your first game was today of all days. Happy birthday again!
Piyush25 skimmythegod
As much as I had wanted to, I couldn't do all the things I had wanted to, due being unexpectedly busy. It's partly my fault that we couldn't go further in the Tournament. But even without me, ya'll were amazing and I definetely look forward to being involved in the next edition of TPP.
Finally I would like to Congratulate the Ruenheim Runeriguses on making it to the finals. Gl to you all in the next round.
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Alright, we have a tiebreaker in the semi-finals! Who will go on to face the Ruhenheim Runeriguses in our grand finals? Let's find out!


Absolute Absolposters (2) vs Balete Drive Banettes (1)

TSAAA: The Number Man vs shiloh
Bring 12, pick 6 Multigen Rands (6/7/8): Icemaster vs MichaelderBeste2
Camo Doubles: Yoda2798 vs zee

Replays are MANDATORY. Deadline is up until Sunday, October 9th, 11:59 PM GMT-4.​
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