Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV - Commencement thread

Personal PR:
1. Absolposters: Busted starter lineup.
2. Frosmoths: God Memo + Solid starters
3. Runerigus: Was No.1 .... but then they went and spent 89.5k on mere mortals
4. Greninjas: Solid
5. Bounsweets / Articunos: Both very solid teams but lack the star power some of the other drafts have.
6. Golbats: outside of their 37k SnM core, :shrug:


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The real mystery of Mystery OU is explaining how the most pointless rules are consistently picked for each OU tier. It is currently about finding a publicly available team and changing minimal details to fit the simple requirements.

Simple example:
Gen 6 - You must use Mega Abomasnow + activate (unique) Item Clause
Gen 7 - One mon in each of OU, UU, RU, NU, PU, ZU
Gen 8 - Monocolor (You must have a team of 6 mons whose dex colors are all the same. For example, /dt Rotom-Wash gives a "red" dex color.)

This took 2 minutes of brainstorming.


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Good day, everyone. Manager of the Balete Drive Banettes here with a (sorry, super late) manager pov + shoutout post. I would like to congratulate The Number Man, Icemaster, and the Absolute Absolposters for winning in the fourth iteration of Tours Plaza Premiere; three times at that!

As one of the manager hopefuls who got selected in this team tournament for the first time, I feel really stoked, and with PokeArt2004♥ accepting my offer to co-manage with me, it's definitely a thrilling ride, to say the least. It was me who came up with the team name Balete Drive Banettes (it was initially Balete Drive Zoroarks, but PokeArt wanted Banettes since she's a sucker with alliterations - and apparently almost all TPP managers do, lol), and then I explained to her the lore behind Balete Drive (it's a legitimate street name in our country; ask Micoy) and, to my pleasant surprise, she eventually went for it. As such, I'd like to thank the hosts Micoy and Daki for allowing us to be managing a team in Tours Plaza Premiere IV.

I had this mentality that when drafting people, I am giving more emphasis on each players' dedication than anything else, which is rooted from my upbringing as one of the players that, when drafted, give their all and not being afraid in putting up whatever crazy strategies conceptualized (OMPL IX managers Ransei, Racool, and Quantum Tesseract can attest to this). That means the dedication to the craft in the metagame(s) they're in, the enthusiasm to bring whatever stuff to the table to have it tested, and giving every fiber of their being in order to win. That's why for those who were participating for tryouts in our channel, I also put up some interviews after their tryout matches to gauge on their dedication, and with all these set in stone, PokeArt and I came up with a draft plan and managed our expectations during draft day. Apparently, we actually exceeded such expectations, and Micoy told me during our conversation that he actually put us on the top of the power rankings, which is kind of surprising, if you ask me. We actually drafted players that are actually valuable and of tour caliber for a price that let me scream "FREE REAL ESTATE!". Now I don't want to go through every week, because that would be way too long; instead, here's a long-overdue shoutout post to every person who got drafted to this team; these guys deserve every bit of it.

I remember him having been nominated really early in the draft (which we half-expected), and I was a little scared of how to use this guy for quite a hefty price - as hefty as mine and PokeArt’s. As much as I actually wanted to have a dedicated Rands player for only 3k (man, didn’t actually expect LoSconosciuto winning as much as Michael’s for a 3k price - just that they didn’t get to match each other from the get go), I was really impressed with how he clutched us with win after win that it’s really worth a price like that.

MichaelderBeste2, you’re definitely one of the most valuable players, if not the most valuable player, on our team; you clutch us with win after win - handshake emoji after handshake emoji counts too, you provided us with valuable insights before sending lineups to the hosts (despite not being able to voice immediately due to timezone issues), and you made lot of effort to help in every metagame you could possibly do. I am grateful to be meeting you for the first time, and hopefully we could cross our paths again sooner or later.

The next thing that I wanted to invest in is a dedicated Doubles player. While I do like Camomons especially that being my wheelhouse, I’m not exactly sure about the dedication I could put in a Doubles one, so I ended up doubling down (no pun intended?) on someone who has the involvement and the knowledge in a Doubles metagame, and zee was the first one on top of my head.

zee, you definitely had a shaky start and I thought in the earlier weeks you’ve gone inactive for some reason alongside Kate, but in the latter weeks, you’ve finally hit your stride. As much as I was rooting for you while I was asleep in the tie-breaking match against Yoda, man, that was the roughest and most painful way to lose (and I also believe you’re actually in a winning position until that Heat Wave miss happened) that eventually ended our run, and it would've ended way differently if we faced the Ruhenheim Runerigus instead of the eventual champions, but hey, huge thanks for holding your ground and remained quite open to whatever concepts I brought to the table.

PokeArt definitely vouched for ez because he was part of Lavaridge Lopunnies last year and do really well there, and MichaelderBeste2 also wanted ez to be part of ours after I drafted him, so I really had to invest on ez to make Michael’s wishes a reality, and it actually did.

ez, you still managed to pull off another crazy positive record especially with the bunch of our players providing tons of building help and you piloted them with such ease. I admit, I would do bad at piloting teams that come from someone else especially in high pressure situations like this team tournament; your profound knowledge in the general OU metagame has astounded us to a point that you’ve been a consistent top guy in this tournament. Keep ‘em going!

Apparently, we had our hopes high on Kate given her experience in the NatDex Ubers metagame. While I do believe Kate was one of the top choices I had in my head, I forgot that Fc wasn’t nominated before Kate did, which was quite a bummer since Fc was bought for 500 credits lower than Kate’s.

Kate, while in the regular season, you didn’t get to clutch us with key wins plus the apparent inactivity that put our team quite in jeopardy, I do believe there was a reason why I actually put you in the starting position in the Semifinals despite your not-so-stellar record and a bunch of players (not just us managers!) not being thrilled by your performance. Good thing Ainzcrad gave me (at the very least) the reassurance that you can outplay Will, and you managed to clutch a victory to send us another chance for a ticket to Finals. I would’ve hoped you show as much dedication in your craft especially with your record being what it is today, but I do wish you well in whatever endeavor you’re pursuing.

I can definitely vouch for this guy especially since I was teammates with him in one OMPL season. When I saw shiloh being nominated for auction and eventually stopped at 9k credits - half the credits Tony has - I was screaming “FREE REAL ESTATE” because of how valuable he is as a player.

shiloh, while you had the most unfortunate of circumstances that would’ve been a deal breaker for our playoff run, you’ve been holding your ground in the Same Six department, and I also do thank you big time for stepping up to the plate whenever stakes are at its highest, like letting you play in one NatDex Ubers slot for Week 6, and letting you play in TSAAA in the tiebreaker. It’s been an honor teaming with you again, and I hope you do well in whatever endeavor you’re pursuing.

In the near end of the draft, I actually wondered why Axzel wasn’t noticed by any of the managers yet. Though, not going to lie, Axzel was one of the people who tried out for the team and actually impressed me; however, there's one thing that I find to be quite a turn off, which is not being open to whatever wild concepts anyone could bring. However, I ended up nominating him so that managers could notice him, and I also ended up with him being part of ours, which was not exactly desirable on my end, but as the weeks went by, I was impressed with his very solid record.

Axzel, I can definitely see your knowledge and passion for the STAB and Mega metagame that definitely surpassed my expectations (heck, you’re the best STAB and Mega player for this tour), and I am also happy that you’re also stepping up in helping some of us in preparing and testing teams for metagames other than yours. Grateful to have you on our team, big time!

As our draft credits are about to get exhausted real quick, we ended up scouring for potential players in the Monotype + CAP metagame for a fairly reasonable price; until PokeArt saw Perish Song still being in the pool that time (and I remember someone saying - though non-verbatim - “the remaining Monotype + CAP player in the pool”).

Perish Song, I know you had a rather subpar performance for this entire tour, but I’m not blaming you; you had some of the worst luck with matchups after all. Despite that, you still provided help for the team even on metagames outside your designated area, especially with ez’s, and that still proved quite valuable for the team. Regardless, it's a pleasure working with you, and I hope you do well in whatever endeavor you're pursuing.

Good thing I got myself somehow exposed to the CAP metagame after TPP Classic Semifinals, and then right out of the gate I had been seeing spoo in the CAP channel as the Room Owner. As such, PokeArt recommended me to get spoo so that he can at least boost Perish Song's Monotype game with his CAP knowledge in this mashed up metagame.

spoo, you definitely are one of the chillest guys I drafted, and you also surprised me with Mystery OU support for ez and TectonicDestroyer, which is definitely a plus. Keep us updated with all the CAP shenanigans, I'd like to follow more of these stuff again when an opportunity strikes.

I took a bit of a gamble in drafting oaklies given his activity in OM Mashups and his overall positive reception during the tryouts. I do admit, I don’t exactly have longhiep341’s levels of proficiency when it comes to that metagame, but given my experience from one of the TPP Seasonals I’ve participated in before, I believe I can hold my ground - it’s just that I needed someone to test my crazy concepts with, and oaklies definitely stepped up to the challenge.

oaklies, your enthusiasm has been an inspiring one for me and to some of the players in the team. I know you had a rather subpar performance in the TSAAA part in this entire tour, but I hope you gained a lot of experience in battling against tour-caliber players and in seeing me build teams like a madman. Speaking of building teams, I would like to give a huge thank you for being the most reliable person to test teams with in TSAAA, and also for stepping up to the challenge in the first week and slaying your opponent in your team tournament debut!

I guess with me being one of the managers in TPP opened up the way for someone whom I could call "the best teammate I could ever had". Apparently, with TectonicDestroyer (purposefully?) underrating himself to fly under the radar for most managers, he usually comes in at the very tail end of the draft, and I'm actually surprised I got him for 3k (when I could've expected for him to go higher than that given his lowkey but volatile track record); though I'm not going to lie, I was quite reluctant to get him especially knowing his scheduling tendencies, but once he gets drafted, I've never seen someone who is as passionate in making the team win every week than TectonicDestroyer, even though putting him on the bench position due to Axzel covering STAB and Mega and me covering TSAAA.

TectonicDestroyer, there isn't anyone I know before you who is as passionate in making us win as you. You're the yin to my yang, especially you're someone who could break my positive momentum when I thought my teams are okay and then suddenly you're saying outright that my team is bad without giving any suggestions for the most part, lol. As much as I find that really obnoxious, you definitely cared for me and for everyone else in this team, and that's something I really commend for pushing us to be better players overall.

Thank you for this one heck of a ride. Hope we could cross paths again, and once again wishing you all in whatever endeavors you're pursuing. Pressing E♯ to sign off.
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