Tournament Guidelines & Submissions

Hello folks and welcome to the Tournament subforum! This thread is about the bare essentials of Tournament Rules. See the sections below for more details.

1) Hosting a Tournament
Any person, in theory, can host a Tournament. Post your idea in the tournament concept thread and, if approved, it will be brought into discussion by the committee. General guidelines are:

a) Remember that matches in ASB take a long time, which means that a tournament can pass the one-year mark quite easily. So don't suggest formats that will take longer to complete (like say a 16-man round robin). Aim at ending it in at most 10 months.
b) You can only host a tourney in pairs. I don't care if it is main host and co-host or if both are co-hosts. There gotta be two people hosting the tournament, in case one of you disappears in the meantime. Like it happened before. Twice.
c) There is no need for your tournament to be funky and with weird mechanics. But usually the bare-bones singles format is restricted to the main ASB Tournament, which is held... like once per 2 years somewhat. Still, any format will do. Of course, more interesting formats will be given precedence in the queue.
d) Be in control of your tournament. Tag people if necessary. Don't be afraid to DQ players if they take way too long. Reward the best players, but also the player most committed to the tournament.
e) If the tournament takes too long and/or if both hosts disappear or go inactive for long periods of time, the Committee reserves the right to hijack the tournament.
f) There is a maximum of 3 tournaments going on at a time. This number may be increased or decreased based on the size of the userbase (aka demand). If 3 tournaments are on, you can apply normally and it will begin as soon as one of those tournaments end, assuming you are next on queue, of course.
g) DQs on the final match are frowned upon. By frowned upon I mean "I would recommend not doing it unless the guy is REALLY gone...or like the DQ is 3 days and 12 days passed with no sign of life and 5 warnings or something stupid like that...or if it is the 6th time the guy passed DQ". If needs be, the next tournament may begin before the final match ends if it is taking too much. But it is highly recommended that the winner of the tournament is the best player of the last two and not the one that sticks around the most, unless the other is a true john.
h) The Tournament Committee may hold your tournament signups a bit so the time between sign-ups is long enough. Ideally, Sign-ups for a tourney should happen after 4 months or so. Not that time necessarily (so suspension will only come if like less than 2 months passed since the last one), but it is a good benchmark.

If you obey those guidelines you should be fine.

People banned from hosting Tournaments
- no one

2) Playing on a Tournament
Well you wait for the sign-up thread and sign-up? It as simple as it gets. Hosts have liberty to decide the method of picking who gets in (first come first serve or random or priority to certain people or handpick the best ones or whatever). Also, in some tournaments you will need to have a trained team and in others the tournament will provide them. If you don't have enough acceptably-trained Pokemon to form a team in a non-rental tournament, the host may deny you entrance. Keep that in mind.

Respect your opponent and post on DQ. Don't hold back a round just because you forgot this tourney. Hosts and refs are (supposed to be) strict with DQ, so don't take risks.
Default DQ rules are as follows:
Strict 72h Disqualification. One warning per player. First warning (any tag after DQ interval is passed) resets the timer. If the player passes DQ interval a second time, DQ can be called, giving the player one hour to post (with full orders/pokemon, just saying "orders coming watch this space" doesn't suffice) after DQ is called to rescind it. If one hour passes, the player is DQ'd regardless of the ref posting or not. User calling DQ must tag DQ'd player. Referees please tag the combatants when you have finished your reffing. Players, if you know you're going to be away you better post a Leave of Absence BEFORE you leave, or give a very good reason in case of an emergency. DQ time won't pass during a valid LoA.
After 30 days (This is fine for AOT's format, but maybe not for other formats. Discuss?), the DQ Interval will go to 48h.

Tournament rules vary. The only rule always up is the Self-KO Rule. If your final Pokemon KOs the final Pokemon of your opponent, but for that it had to KO itself (Energy KO, Explosion, Perish Song, Destiny Bond etc etc etc), your opponent is the winner. Everything else is up to the hosts.

People banned from playing on Tournaments:
- no one

3) Reffing Tournament battles
It falls upon the hosts to decide who will ref each battle. As long as you are alive and breathing and have passed Reffing 101 (already a rule, but wasn't mentioned in the post), you can apply. Sure, it is expected that you don't make many mistakes (you can make some, but not that much) when reffing said matches. When in doubt, ask around (oh wait that rhymed, darn it).

Flavor is highly appreciated and pretty much required, and we will remove the bonus UC from you if you don't flavor your matches. Even a paragraph of simple flavor will do and is far better than nothing. Hosts can make flavor mandatory as in no flavor no UC.

Finally, reffing a tournament battle requires commitment. Don't sign-up if you don't think you will be able to post on DQ during it. Searching for a subref is usually irritating and, in the end, the host will end up having to ref more matches than they should and that is bad.

4) Predictions Tournament
During the sign-up period of a Tournament, any person can apply to the Committee to host a Predictions tournament. The hosting can be done by yourself and its format is rather free. Just talk to them and see what you can wipe out.

The only thing required is that the host must post the predictions after they are done, so we don't have problems in case said person disappears. Everything else is up to the host, pending approval by the Committee.

Participants pay CC to get in and may get CC, UC and/or even special prizes for winning a match, a round, a specific bet or the entire thing.

5) Prizes for Participants
The usual Prize per match is EC, MC, AC, KOC and CC as per usual rules (see Handbook). Hosts can give away special prizes (like some UC, but at most 5) to winners. For matches where the players don't use their Pokemon, the prizes can be given out in CC or UC (standard is the CC you would get normally) and it is HIGHLY recommended (almost mandatory) that you include a prize for the winner of the match. Or else, the 4th place and on will get the short end of the stick, and that is surely not good.
The prizes from the battles should be at minimum:
- Using own Pokemon: Counters normally awarded.
- Using rental Pokemon or Pokemon from someone else: 5UC and the CC from the battle.

For the final prizes, there are 3 prizes usually given out: Legendary Pokemon, Master Ball, UC (usually 30 or 50). Hosts can also propose other kinds of prizes like items or normal Pokemon with X MC or Pokemon you used on tournaments that use rentals. Again, this goes as far as your creativity. Just balance stuff with the Committee and you should be fine.

Regarding Legendary Pokemon, you are free to choose any legendary from this list:

Deoxys (All Forms)
Diancie (without Diancite)
Hoopa (without Prison Bottle)
Kyurem (without Dark Stone / Light Stone)
Latias (without Soul Dew)
Latios (without Soul Dew)

For the list will need some convincing. And in some cases (680 bst and cover legends) approval from the Mod Team. Try those only if they make a lot of sense flavorwise.

Diancie (with Diancite)
Hoopa (Unbound)
Kyurem (with Dark Stone)
Kyurem (with Light Stone)
Latias (with Soul Dew)
Latios (with Soul Dew)
Rayquaza (without the move "Dragon Ascent")

Rayquaza (with Dragon Ascent aka Mega Rayquaza)

Finally, for Predictions Tournaments, you can use CC, UC or other prizes (with committee approval). Usually the host adds up all the CC taken from players and either give them all to the winners or turn them into UC at some conversion rate (usually 1:1, but may be 2:1 if it gets too good) or into items, using similar logic. For bets, it is the overall pool of CC (converted or not into UC) divided by the participants that guessed right.

6) Payment for Refs and Hosts
Refs gets 1.5x the UC correspondent to the match, including bonus length UC. This bonus UC can be taken away if the ref fails to provide adequate flavour. If the match is subreffed the subref will get all the UC unless the original ref not only warned of this impossibility to ref but also recruited their replacement. If the original ref recruits the replacement, UC distribution occurs following handbook rules, with the 1.5 multiplier applied normally. We value time and commitment more than anything considering how much those tournaments take.

Hosts get UC based on the size of the tournament and the time taken to end it. If the host disappears and/or gets demoted, they won't get a thing. It is crucial that the host sticks around, or else its downhill from there.

The formula for giving out UC for hosts is:

For 48-64man tourneys: 90*(([Number of Rounds]*[Time expected per round]+14 days)/[Time taken from Round 1 to the end of Last Round])

For 24-47man tourneys: 60*(([Number of Rounds]*[Time expected per round]+14 days)/[Time taken from Round 1 to the end of Last Round])

For 9-23man tourneys: 30*(([Number of Rounds]*[Time expected per round]+14 days)/[Time taken from Round 1 to the end of Last Round])

(convert everything in days when calcing)

Man =/= team. If Each team has 3 people and 8 teams are playing, then it is a 24man tournament.

Rounds = First Round, Second Round, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, finals etc.

Time from Round 1 to end of Last Round: Time taken from when you posted Round 1 until when you posted the prizes for the winner.

Time expected per round (it includes sending Pokemon, putting up thread setting up next round etc):

2vs2: 2 months (60 days)
3vs3: 2 and a half months (75 days)
4vs4: 3 months (90 days)
5vs5: don't

2vs2: 1 and a half months (45 days)
3vs3: 2 months (60 days)
4vs4: 2 and half months (75 days)
5vs5: 3 months (90 days)
6vs6: don't

3vs3: 1 and a half months (45 days)
4vs4: 2 months (60 days)
5vs5: 2 and half months (75 days)
6vs6: 3 months (90 days)
7vs7: don't

Other formats:
Pester the committee, k?

Each Host gets full UC (regardless of the position). If there is only one host, it will get the same amount for twice as much work, so get your pairs going pls.

For subhosts the formula is:

For 48-64man tourneys: 90*(Number of Rounds Left including the current one)/(Number of Rounds total)*([Number of Rounds left]*[Time expected per round]/[Time taken from the time subhosting occured to the end of Last Round])

For 24-47man tourneys: 60*(Number of Rounds Left including the current one)/(Number of Rounds total)*([Number of Rounds left]*[Time expected per round]/[Time taken from the time subhosting occured to the end of Last Round])

For 9-23man tourneys: 30*(Number of Rounds Left including the current one)/(Number of Rounds total)*([Number of Rounds left]*[Time expected per round]/[Time taken from the time subhosting occured to the end of Last Round])

So basically, if everything goes as planned, you get 60UC (or 30 or 90 depending on the size of the tourney). If it goes better than planned, you get more. If it goes worse, you get less. Be aware, though, that the Committee will keep a close eye to your hosting and may add or deduct stuff depending on how it goes (so if you move things too fast to get more UC you may end up getting less).

I may adjust the numbers later. Those are tentative somewhat.

The Host Prize is to be claimed only at the end of the tournament.

PSA: This UC prize for Tournaments hosts is valid for ALL tournaments before and after this post. Just calc the prize and claim. But only the UC prize for hosts.

7) On Leaves of Absence
The host of the tournament has the right to make up rules for how Leaves of Absences will be considered. It is advised (but not enforced) that hosts consider the LoAs and give reasonable extensions to the players, as we all have lives outside ASB. But this is entirely up to the discretion of the respective host. The host just must be aware that the tournament must end in a reasonable timeframe (rule of thumb: 10 months. Limit: 12 months), so don't go overboard on tolerance.

Also, if, during a LoA, the player posts on flashes or casual battles, or engage on reffing without being way past DQ on the latter, the LoA is to be disregarded entirely by the tournament host or committee (or another unbiased mod if both are involved in the matter somehow), except if the tourney has specific rules on the matter.

8) Other stuff
Ask the Committee.
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Future tournaments will be suggested and decided within this thread. Users will submit an outline or concept of their tournament idea here and, if we believe it to have merit worth considering, then taken to PM to be fully-fleshed out between the council and hosts. The only replies in this thread should be tournament ideas, DO NOT DISCUSS OR REPLY TO IDEAS. Express your approval through liking the post of ideas you like, which will help the Committee gauge community interest.

Current Tournaments:
1) ASB Official Tournament III
2) Gen VII Intro Tournament
3) Monotype Tournament

Past Tournaments:
- ASB Official Tournament by Deck Knight and won by Deck Knight
- Team Tournament by Flamestrike and then Its_A_Random and won by Jassmashpwn
- Factory Tournament by Espyowner and then Elevator Music and won by Elevator Music
- Best of Rest Tournament hosted by Texas Cloverleaf and won by SubwayJ
- Best of Best Tournament hosted by Texas Cloverleaf and won by Birkal
- Sharing is Caring (Kinda) Tournament hosted by Frosty and won by Its_A_Random
- ASBuddies Tournament hosted by Leethoof and Avnomke and won by deadFrost
- Lore, Legends, And More Action (LLAMA) hosted by Its_A_Random and ZhengTann and won by Gale Wing Srock
- Did You Always Exist? hosted by Tavok and won by Birkal
- Team Tournament II hosted by Texas Cloverleaf and FMD and won by Maxim_6, YellowAdminSilver, and Dogfish44.
- Little Cup Tournament hosted by Deadfox081 and Dogfish44 and won by Texas Cloverleaf.

Queue for new Tournaments:

- - - -
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gen vii launch tourney: 6 40 move rentals from the non-legend non-UB gen VII mons(ONLY GEN VII MONS SO THAT PEOPLE DONT JUST GET GARDEVOIR/GALLADE/KANGA etc.), 3v3 singles matches, double elim tourney edit: or single elim idc

probably standard rules(although no megas because no gen vii mon has one), one/two z moves(not sure which will be better balancewise but definitely one of these), any item equippable even if you don't have it(any item that would be reasonable to ban is pokemon-locked)
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That's the entire concept.
In ASB's past, not a single tournament has been doubles. The closest we've come would be the Team Tournaments, but those don't really count as doubles tournaments. I'd like the focus of this to be on the format itself, so I wouldn't have any frills or random rules added to it. Send-ins happen from player's profiles, 2 actions per round, ASB arena, default everything, etc.
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@me + jayy

basically just a rentals tournament inc. this, figure out stats based on base stats of the mon and evo change

jayy is currently updating the spreadsheet for gen 7 and cap mons and we'd post it with tourney op

sig items based on base lc

banned things we've seen: evolving into krilowatt/gyarados/milotic/golisopod/solgaleo/lunala/gallade/greninja/cinccino/araquanid, evolving from scyther/type:null/rhydon/dusclops, items thick club/light balldeepseatooth

EDIT: not for the near future, this is a fun tourney but i do agree with what iar said in chat that we need tourneys with less gimmick (i.e. llama/sick as opposed to monotype/genvii)
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Alright, turns out I hate myself more than I originally thought.

So, I had originally thought of following Frosty's lead and volunteering to host SiCK 2.0 in his stead. However, I'm gonna go ahead and campaign for something I wanted even more: I'm proposing reviving LLAMA.

For those of you (us?) who weren't here the first time, The Legend Run's Lore, Legends and More Action™ was a tournament where you could include a legendary among your team of rentals. Not only does this format allow players to use Pokémon that they would never have the opportunity to try out otherwise, but the grand prize awaiting at the end is to keep said legendary. Tired of waiting for a TLR to open for that legend you wanted? In here, you can just use it to win the whole thing and keep it for yourself!

However, it's been over a year (November 2015, to be more precise) since LLAMA wrapped up. Since then, we've had a whole bunch of new players who never got the chance to try out a legendary for a battle or two. Moreover, Gen VII came along and brought us a half-dozen more legends for us to try out in a tournament. I think there could be more than enough interest in a tourney that lets people rock some of their otherwise unattainable favorites to make this a fun one.

Not much else to talk about here for the moment, unless this idea gets approved. I do, however, want to push for an additional rule.
FROSTY-IS-RIGHT-AND-CENTRALIZATION-BLOWS RULE: Since this is a rentals tournament, it makes little sense to me to adopt Frosty's proposal for SiCK 2.0 and ban mons after each round, thereby forcing people to redo profiles and teams constantly. However, I also think that a constant stream of Deoxys/Mega Gardevoir/Sableye mirror matches sucks major ass. Therefore, I'd propose adopting something similar to deadfox081's rating system used in LCT. The very very top threats in ASB (you know who you are, Gardevoir ¬¬) would receive a rating of 10, while the next-highest tier would get a 5. Your team of six mons would need to stay within a 10-point threshold, forcing people to think outside the box and try out Pokémon that don't usually receive as much love here in ASB as the usual suspects. (This is obviously a work in progress but you get the idea)

The rest is nothing special--B4P3 Singles, items would work in a similar vein to Monotype Tour, 50 moves per mon, groups followed by single elimination. I won't bore you with the rest of the details, but you get the picture. Those will come after a potential approval of this idea, so yeah.

OH SHIT YEAH prizes. I forgot about those.
Basically, make it to the top three and you can keep one of your team's mons. Make it into the top two, and one of those can be a Legend! or whatever the committee allows me to give out I guess ._.

EDIT: Birkal raised a good point on irc. Depending on what ppl think about it, this could potentially be with five of people's own mons plus a legend instead of six rentals. Feedback is appreciated I guess, so feel free to VM me if you want about this? idk if this'll even get enough interest either way
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So I've been thinking (yes, I've been told very often not to do so) about how rare TLR non-purchasable items are, and how tournaments tend to be "everyone just get in and you'll be in" affairs that gives everyone an even chance of participation, but also resulted in long-winded affairs that had to involve round robin elimination rounds.

So here I am proposing Mini-Tournaments! Essentially these are small-sized tournaments with 8, 12, or 16 participants. Following rules apply:
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. With one caveat: If you have won / participated in the immediate previous Mini-Tour, then you can't enter in this one.
    • Example: Zt and FMD won the 1st Mini-Tour, so they cannot participate in the 2nd one, and have to wait until the 3rd to participate.
  • Single elimination, for speedy execution.
    • 12-man Mini-Tours allow for round-robin finals to award prizes to 2nd place as well.
    • For 8-man and 16-man Mini-Tours, I'm suggesting one prize for the 1st place only. EDIT: removing because it doesn't make sense in the light of day.
  • A list of formats should be compiled beforehand. A whole series of Mini-Tours must be organised before the list is reviewed and re-compiled again.
    • Example: The first series consist of: Rental Singles, Rental Doubles, Owned-mons Singles, Owned-mon Doubles.
    • If it is decided that Rental Triples should be a format added, all 4 Mini-Tours in the first series must complete before the new format(s) is added for the next series.
So what prizes would be suitable for Mini-Tours, you ask?
  • TLR non-purchasable medicine. That's the centerpiece of this proposal duh.
  • Normal-Mode Raid Artifacts. But only if Eusine Zarator agrees to sponsor this by liking the post.
  • Heart Scales. There was precedence in, uh, LLAMA I think?
  • Legendaries. I'm going to get so much flak for this, but we can probably limit to Legendaries already released in non-Uber TLRs.
Since we're not allowed to discuss here, hit me up on IRC with thoughts / baseball bats / raw eggs if you want to, please.

EDIT @ 22nd Jan 2017:
11:28 <•ZtheCloud> Alright since I've got 7 likes for Mini-Tours, how many people are interested in becoming co-hosts?
11:29 <•ZtheCloud> Ideally I'd love if each mini-tour in the whole series is hosted by different peeps.
11:29 <phoenix> might want to worry about whether it actually happens first :u
11:29 <Toon> ZtheCloud: if all i have to do is make sure battles are timely then shure
11:29 <smashlloyd20> me zthecloud
11:30 <•ZtheCloud> Figured it might be prudent to ask around for help, so that when it gets through we can start at least the first one w/o a problem.
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A) 'necroing' to point attention to the above

B) Proposing an idea: 16 person SE (fuck DE and 3-way finals are weird), B4P3 Series matches.

For those who don't know what a Series match is, short form is to look at Birkal's gym matches. Full explanation is that a 3v3 series match would be where both players send in a team of 3, but each match is broken down into games, A game is a 1v1 battle. Turn order for the first game of a match is determined by a coin flip that gives the option to the winner of the flip (also termed Right of Way). The player with Right of Way for a game determines turn order for that game. After a game concludes, if the match isn't over, the loser gets RoW for the next game, and Pokemon cannot be reused in future games. So a B4P3 Series is a Best of 3 comprised of 1v1s.
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We have the technology.
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Alright, you ingrades, here's a tourney

Splatfest, ... but with flashmatches

1v1 flash matches. 100 of them. First team to 51 wins. Refs are given a set RNG by tourney leaders (me) for every round to prevent bias. Matches are posted in main forum.

Winning team gets a few options of prizes per person. Heart Scale / Full Restore / Buncha UC. The team-voted MVP gets a Hoopa.



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Uh Gimmie a moment as I wake up le committee from hibernation

So far I like all the suggested ideas
Agree with everything except MVP. Why not just who won the most flashes within the team
I can't speak for Birkal, but I'd rather let my teammate who finishes with a 17-2 record win the grand prize than let the player who ends up around 29-40 walk away the big cheese. At the very least, a vote, if not an analysis of each team, would be very helpful, given that it's nearly impossible to establish accurate guidelines for determining the best player of each team when we need to consider as many variables as a game like ASB can produce.
I really doubt we'll have a tournament where one player plays more than 300% than another player but didn't get a grand prize. I don't understand your point.
I really doubt we'll have a tournament where one player plays more than 300% than another player but didn't get a grand prize. I don't understand your point.
My point is that a system which based on wins alone is in no way indicative of player skill or value, only how much time they can spend playing matches for the tournament, and therefore should not be employed to determine prizes. If you have one player who spends 3-6 hours per day engaged in flash matches, chances are they'll win a lot more fights than their teammates, but they could just as easily set their team at a disadvantage by losing anywhere from an equal amount to twice as many battles as they've won. The ratios between the two imaginary players weren't important to my post, they were only meant to highlight the fact that a single player could secure the more wins than any other member of their team AND at the same time lose enough matches to put their team into a worse spot than if said player had either played less matches or hadn't signed up in the first place.
What about a Top Down Knock Down style thing?

Each round, top 6 mons used are unable to be used the rest of the tour.

3v3 Singles

Winner gets like UC / Master Ball / Something?


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This seems dead.

I am willing to redo SICK.

Its basically a tourney where you can rent pokemon from other players and they get CC out of it. At the end of each round, the most used pokemon are banned (for the entire tourney) and things progress.

There are some other rules, but I can't be bothered to get the original thread.

Anyway, I wanna redo it. It was done like 3 or 4 years ago and had moderate sucess. Since things seem to be kinda down rn I figured it would be nice to spice things up.

I am willing to host it. This offer won't last too long though, so get it while it is hot :>
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I would LOVE to redo DYAE (pls allow me to be the one to redo it it's my baby :( ).

Did You Always Exist? (DYAE from here on) is a tournament in which you are not allowed to use Pokémon owned by several people: instead, we look to give some love to those Pokémon that are not used much. DYAE is a tourney where you won't see the OP thing that is Mega Gardevoir, or the incredibly annoying Sableye; you will, however, see stylish Furfrous and adorable Dedennes (or maybe not since no one chose them).

It works like this: a census is made to determine which Pokémon are owned by a low amount of people (or no one at all); after that, a list is made of the allowed Pokémon. Participants choose 6 Pokémon and make fresh profiles for them (with full EC and MC), and are then given a starting amount of MC and CC to buy stuff for them. After each round, they'll get more MC and CC to buy more moves and items for their team. In order to avoid counter teaming while buying, claims are PMed and brackets are randomized each round.

Battles are 3v3 Singles, with no megas allowed, all abilities, no mid battle evolution (for those of you who love loopholes e.e), switch = OK, items obv ON.

I guess I will have to try and become an approver again to be able to get this going >.>
I got some raw and silly idea for tournament(s)... Read completely please...

Lets hype up coming really skilled tournament that will come year or more later by giving out small mini-tournaments throughout the year...

Mini-Tournaments can be any small battles, such as B1P1 1v1 match... Or else 1v1v1 tournament... And mini tournaments need not be skilled... Mini Tournaments should focus on being "fun" rather than skill... There are many types of fun battles in the past which we can try or come up with new ones...

There can be many ideas for mini fun tournaments...
My favourite one being, Pokemon Rumble Tournament... So basically all participants send out 1 Pokemon, only 1 Pokemon in registrations... And as soon as registrations are over, all players are battling together in a same match (where the host of tournament is referee)... I can even design a whole system for Rumble Tournament if given time... Another thing, we can use Hidden Tournament, so basically a mini tournament where no one knows any rules about the tournament except for the hosts... And once registrations are done, players get to know what it exactly is... I have tons of ideas for mini tournaments and other people may also be able to come up...

Prizes for Tournaments can be small, mostly rare items which we might not be able to purchase, or small rare Pokemon like Floette-F which is difficult to obtain otherwise...

You can have tons of other mini-tournaments that will eventually hype to one huge Tournament, where we can give a huge prize such as Kyurem or Rayquaza or if possible even Arceus, but that the tournament should be ultra skilled... From start of Mini Tournaments to end of Main Tournament could last for a huge time, maybe 2.5~3 years, because its Rayquaza or Kyurem or Arceus, whichever prize you choose... In this Skilled Tournament there should be a shitload of rules for each battle given in advance so players can strategize accordingly... Examples of rules being, 6v6 doubles, all your Pokemons cant have a common type, with a different Arena for each battle, yes different Arena for each battle... We can divide players in groups of 6, where each player fights other players 1 or 2 times and top 2 advance in next round and so on... So basically, this whole tournament must be super-ultra-skilled matches...

First thought that ran in my mind was giving out Arceus plates for mini tournaments and then actually releasing Arceus in the tournament 1 year down the line... But plates are already in market... Another thoguht that came in my mind is, we give out the unobtainable items in mini tournaments, such as Mewtwonite, Rayquazite, Soul Dew, Prison Bottle, etc. But these items will be useless until they participate and win in main tournament... And the winner's prize being, able to choose existing "any" Pokemon, be it Arceus, Kyurem, Dialga, etc... Anyway, this currently is a raw idea, you can make changes however... My main point is to have small mini tournaments to hype up for a ultra skilled tournament... Remaining things can be altered however...

Also, the reason why Mini Tournaments or more like mini-games are necessary is because it will bring in the "fun" factor in ASB because
1) The new players will enjoy it rather than to wait 6 months or 1 year to have a strong team to take part in a skilled tournament, which they eventually lose as some skilled player out play them with their experience... I dont want any player to wait for 3 years before winning their first tournament...
2) People will love to play something refreshing once in a while rather than to put their brains into decide moves and countermoves...
3) ASB means Anime Style Battling, but not once I have seen a player headbutting into a wall so that the parts of wall injure the opposing Pokemon or else using Water type move inside a hole dug by opposing Pokemon who went to use the move Dig... We can create mini tournaments where players have to think creatively rather than strategically... Lets actually make it "Anime Style"
4) This will actually make a few past players come back and to try the new generation of ASB...
5) The hype for Arceus or whatever Pokemon will actually be real... I dont want to see a Arceus prize given out in a tournament 10 years later, i.e. if ASB still exists...
6) This can be the first step to being back dead ASB which I see right now...
7) This is a game, not a life race, so lets enjoy it rather than winning it ;)

I have a shitload more raw ideas in mind... I may even try to be part of Tournament Committee if you approve this thing... Tell me what you think...

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