Gen 8 Togekiss (QC 0/2)


Although Togekiss excels at sheer class and elegance, it under-performs in Doubles Overused where it lives as a niche redirector with access to Tailwind. It pairs best with setup teammates like Dragon Dance Kyurem-B and Dragon Dance Zygarde, to give them a free turn to boost themselves. Urshifu-R and Heatran like Togekiss as well because it can protect them through redirection and set valuable speed control. Another strong asset of our ethereal bird is the combination of Air Slash and Serene Grace, which can repeatedly flinch slower Pokemon like Amonguss or Porygon-2, thus stopping Trick Room or Spore. This alongside its excellent matchup against Rillaboom make it a relevant choice for teams requiring those specific forms of utility. Its main weaknesses are Diancie and Steel Pokemon like Metagross who heavily threaten it. It always succombs to boosted Iron Head from Genesect or Stone Edge from Tyranitar. Fairy and Flying leave it vulnerable to many offensive types, as a result common Pokemon like Zeraora, Naganadel and Kyurem-B can prey on it. Blastoise, Amoonguss and Indeedee-F are viewed as stronger redirectors than Togekiss. The tier also has better Tailwind setters in Whimsicott and Mew.


name: Redirection support
move 1: Air Slash
move 2: Dazzling Gleam
move 3: Follow Me
move 4: Tailwind
item: Sitrus Berry
ability: Serene Grace
nature: Calm
evs: 252 HP / 116 SpA / 76 SpD / 64 Spe


* Air Slash is the main offensive tool, giving it a a 50% chance to knock out Urshifu-R and allowing it to hit opposing Grass-type Pokemon such as Rillaboom and Amoonguss super effectively. Furthermore, combined with Serene Grace, this cute pigeon has a 60% chance to flinch any slower Pokemon.
* Dazzling Gleam hits Dragapult and Zygarde for super effective damage but is otherwise weak.
* Follow Me is Togekiss’ best asset, it allows teammates to setup or unleash powerful attacks without fear of getting knocked out.
* Tailwind is a staple of Togekiss' moveset, helping teammates outspeed the opposing Pokemon and letting Togekiss flinch faster Pokemon.
* Sitrus Berry is essential for longevity, for Togekiss to survive one extra attack.
* 252HP and 76SpD with a Calm nature ensures it lives a Sludge Bomb from Modest Life Orb Naganadel and Plasma Fist from Zeraora. 64 Spe is to outspeed Zeraora under Tailwind and the remaining EVs are put in SpAtk to maximize the odds of knocking out Urshifu-R.


Other Options
Safety Goggles lets Togekiss switch in safely into Amoonguss and avoid sleep when redirecting its attacks, it is a tradeoff of Togekiss' longevity for a stronger Amonguss matchup. Encore can be swapped in to cripple Fake Out users and setup sweepers. Protect makes Togekiss less vulnerable to double targeting and Fake Out.


- Written by: [[ratpacker, 596481]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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This is quite verbose, I would recommend looking at uploaded analyses for a better example of how one should look before you implement this check. You should also correctly capitalise stuff like Follow Me and hyphenate formes like Kyurem-B or Urshifu-R.

  • Everything down to "...second Tailwind setter." can be condensed down to a couple of sentences, you don't need to mention Togekiss's offensive capabilities or go in depth about Tailwind.
  • "It will pair best with teammates weak to fighting, grass or ground, such as Urshifu, Tyranitar, Heatran or Kyurem, on balanced or offensive teams." - I'm not a big fan of this sentence, speaking only in terms of abstract types you're weak too, then mentioning Pokemon which are just good Pokemon as teammates. As a redirector, it pairs best with setup (e.g. Dragon Dance Kyurem-B) to benefit from Follow Me.
  • Getting no terrain benefits from being a Flying-type isn't something worth mentioning, I also wouldn't say that Togekiss has "low Speed".
  • You aren't meant to have multiple paragraphs, but remove what you have from the second one since it's just fluff, with the exception of being good into Rillaboom, which should be reworked in somewhere.
  • Remove the second sentence for Follow Me.
  • Remove the point about Togekiss's low Speed.
  • Air Slash should mention the 50% roll on Urshifu-R first, then hitting Grass-types such as Rillaboom and Amoonguss. The flinch part then doesn't need to mention Amoonguss again.
  • Don't mention Zygarde and Dragapult setting up, instead say it's weak outside of hitting those.
  • The EV spread point (which should be only one point) should condense the Naganadel and Zeraora mentions into the same sentence, you don't need to mention Zapdos or Naganadel being "one of the tier’s most prominent threats". Remove the mention of Genesect / Tyranitar. For the Special Attack dump specify maximizing the chance to KO Urshifu-R.
  • These are mostly bad options, this section doesn't need to be extensive if there aren't good ones. Remove Mental Herb, Heat Wave, Thunder Wave, Ally Switch, and the Speed mention.
  • You shouldn't mention ladder, sand damage is also a negligible reason so remove that. The two sentences for Safety Goggles can be condensed into one, you also don't need to say the "if Amoonguss answers lack on your team" part.
  • Add Protect.
You should add (QC 0/2) to the title, and your userid is the number in the URL when on your Smogon page (yours is 596481). Don't update it to QC 1/2 yet, tag me once implemented and I'll check over again.


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  • "its poor offensive capabilities leave it powerless in regard to the tier’s many threats, to instead fit in a supporting role with Follow Me as its core move. Blastoise, Amoonguss and Indeedee-F are viewed as stronger redirectors but Togekiss sets itself apart by being able to fit both Follow Me and speed control onto its moveset." - Remove the first part, end the first sentence by saying it's a niche redirector with access to Tailwind. The comparison to other redirectors should be moved to the end of the paragraph as a downside.
  • "make it a pick of choice for teams comprised of vulnerable Pokemon, looking for a second Tailwind user" - change this to 'make it a choice for teams requiring those specific forms of utility'.
  • You can readd Urshifu-R and Heatran being good teammates as Togekiss can redirect and set valuable speed control for them.
  • Change "repeatedly" to 'reliably'. Also move this sentence to before the Rillaboom sentence for better flow.
  • Remove the mention of Taunt, that's not very common and Zeraora will usually Plasma Fists you anyways.
  • Mention Metagross as an example Steel-type.
  • For the Genesect KO I'd changed +1 Attack to 'boosted' to cover Choice Band too.
  • You should say that Togekiss' typing leaves it vulnerable to many different types, and some other common Pokemon which threaten it (Naganadel, Kyurem-B, Zeraora) as a result.
  • Readd the mention of the other redirectors at the end, comparing Togekiss to them and saying it is less useful than them. You can also mention that there are better Tailwind setters too (e.g. Mew, Whimsicott).
  • Change the set name to "Redirection Support".
  • Change the move order to Air Slash / Dazzling Gleam / Follow Me / Tailwind, and change the order of the set comments to reflect this.
  • The formatting should be fixed to follow the analysis format, with a space after each *, and also a blank line between each point.
  • Change "Grass and Fighting type Pokemon" to 'Grass-type Pokemon such as Rillaboom and Amoonguss' for Air Slash.
  • Change "but is weak against the rest of the metagame." to "but is otherwise weak." for Dazzling Gleam.
  • Remove the "strong bulk" part for Tailwind. Instead mention that it lets Togekiss flinch faster Pokemon.
  • Living two attacks which are on the same turn or not are both important, instead for Sitrus Berry say it turns 2HKOs into 3HKOs.
  • You haven't fully condensed the EV spread point like I said to, delete the second sentence and add "or Plasma Fist from Zeraora" to the end of the first one. The Speed and Special Attack sentences should also be one sentence.
  • Fix the formatting so that there's an empty line between the header and content, also this section should be a single paragraph, not a new line for each sentence.
  • You don't need to mention what moves they replace.
  • Rephrase Safety Goggles to letting Togekiss switch into and redirect Amoonguss more safely, at the cost of its longevity. You don't need to say that it's a "good alternative".
Tag me once implemented so I can give a last look over before giving QC 1/2.

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