Walrus Tiebreaker Walrus [Round 3 - Gobbledygook - 11/7 4pm CST]

I was supposed to mention last night that the walrus was delayed again. Sorry about forgetting. Long story short, cancelled irl plans got uncancelled at the last minute.

So we'll be going on Wednesday the 23rd, still same time.
Round Two: Live From Where Redux

The header is Lazaretto by Jack White.

17th Place
Catfail - Failure to resub (Rule 3/4)
Score: 0

I made multiple attempts to contact him, to no avail.
16th Place
Submitted by Quas
Score: 7.8

Hot In Herre by Nelly

Tbh I’ve heard the Weird Al parody more times than the original. It’s got a good rhythm to it, but the lyrics are missing the mark for this ace.
15th Place
Submitted by remember
Score: 8.2

Steppin’ Out by Joe Jackson

It’s got that super 80s beat to it. Feels like it needs a tiny bit of something to push it over the edge here. Je nai se quois, just a little something more.
14th Place
Submitted by Salt
Score: 8.3

Walls (No. 3) by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

The lyrics are kinda twee. Nice touch with the harmonica solo, though.
13th Place
Submitted by Moose
Score: 8.4

Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

You know what, I’m not gonna complain about this bassline when P!atD stole a bassline from Rock Lobster. What I am gonna complain about: his flow is kinda nice but I think it would sound better if the backup singers weren’t tryna copy Beastie Boys.
12th Place
Submitted by nutella
Score: 8.5

Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

That driving rhythm has a nice energy to it.
11th Place
Submitted by Bloobird
Score: 8.64

Waltz #2 (XO) by Elliot Smith

It’s definitely a waltz. I’m not exactly melting into a gooey puddle over here, but I am enjoying this love/breakup song.
10th Place
Submitted by Karma
Score: 8.67

The Memory Remains by Metallica

I’m digging these poetic lyrics. And those are some pretty nice guitar solos. The sample is interesting.
9th Place
Submitted by Kuti
Score: 8.72

Thursday’s Child by David Bowie

Nice to dip into some lesser known Bowie. This is a pretty sweet slow jam.
8th Place
Submitted by Naysmith/Aura Guardian
Score: 8.77

This Is Heaven by Nick Jonas

I’ve known Aura for a while. We’ve done D&D, FATE, Mage20 (Aura was the DM for that one). All that time and I never thought Aura would pick a Jonas brother for a walrus sub. Then again, this is a bop.
7th Place
Submitted by Mistyx
Score: 8.8

Mountain Sound by Of Monsters And Men

I swear I had thoughts about this song beyond “this is a great song”. My roomba of thought got stuck on a cliff.
6th Place
Submitted by termi
Score: 8.9

Glassworks IV: Rubric by Phillip Glass

This is a very measured, tightly composed sort of piece, testing the edges of your attention span and knowing the exact moments to change things up and keep you interested all the way through.
5th Place
Submitted by MNIN
Score: 9.0

Limp by Fiona Apple

I’m getting some Screamin’ For My Supper era Beth Hart vibes from this. I haven’t dived very deeply into her discography, but I’d definitely say this is the best Fiona Apple song I’ve heard so far.
4th Place
Submitted by Lebossle
Score: 9.13

Idioteque by Radiohead

I might piss off Quas by saying this, but this song is what I think of when I think “primo Radiohead”.
3rd Place
Submitted by marmot
Score: 9.17

Digital Witness by St. Vincent

Bop from the get go. My head’s bobbing like I’m driving to The Roxbury.
2nd Place
Submitted by Laurel
Score: 9.2

Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Don’t worry, I checked, it’s somehow not in the list I use to crosscheck Rules 3 & 4. And everyone who isn’t Laurel is gonna wish it had been there. I still have a 17-year-old copy of From Under the Cork Tree somewhere in my things. Somewhere. I’m too busy jamming out to think about cleaning.
1st Place
Submitted by Bloody
Score: 9.3

Hey Ya! by Outkast


Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system… Never not a bop. Never. Not. A bop. This is an ice cold jam. It’s the total package: a funky danceable piece of pop culture with thought provoking contrarian lyrics and all that neat little wubby stuff the backing keeps doing.

The outro is Times Like These (Acoustic Version) by Foo Fighters.

MNIN, Lebossle, and marmot are good enough, are smart enough, and doggone it, people like them.

Next round is Gobbledygook. We'll get to the fiddle-faddle, uh… TBD, tbh. I’ll figure it out and announce a date later.


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