The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Round 1 [TB @ post #317]

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The sun is smiling down on us as we stroll leisurely along the promenade. The two men ahead of me are laughing and joking as they walk. The first one, a young caucasian man with glasses looks back at me and smiles.
"What ya dilly dallying for lad? Catch up quick before I spark ya!"
I laugh because I know hes joking. That's the type of banter that can only be built through a lifetime of friendship. The other man, even younger, pushes the first man suddenly.
"Stresh, what the fuck?" the first man explodes in anger. The two had been on edge the whole day despite their outward persona, and only a spark was needed to light the flame. The first man went to push Stresh, but he was too quick, dancing out of range and taunting him. The man turns around and asks me for help. I nod.
"I got you bro," I say, reaching into my jacket pocket and pulling out the gun.
"Lycan... are you dizzy fam?? Its not that deep!"
I can hear the panic in his voice. I smile when I pull the trigger. One between the eyes and the other through his heart for good measure. I stand over the body and shoot it again before calling my contact.
"Its done," I say.
"Good job Baron," my contact replies. Its hard to place the accent, but it sounds faintly European. Dutch, perhaps. Or Belgian. "Meet me at the airport in 2 hours. I've got your target ready. Kid named Sakis."
I click the phone shut and motion for Stresh to join me.
"Its finally over," I say. "Won, gg"
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