The Ubers Open V - Round 2

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Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to call for activity. My opponent hasn't reached out or even contacted me despite me messaging him multiple times and trying to find a way to get our matches in.

Again, his custom title is literally "@tour opponents, take the win".
my opp posted today on my wall at 6 am saying simply 'today', this being the first i've heard from them in almost a week. i've only seen this now, and i'm about to head out for a job interview. i'll be back at 4 ish my time, but due to the massive timezone difference, i doubt she'll be awake. i'd feel worse about it if she'd contacted me earlier than she did, but since today is deadline, activity.


lol. and the correspondence on my wall shows them blaming me for 'not responding earlier' when I clearly said I only saw it at 1 P.M because the first thing I do when I wake up is not check Smogon...
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Opponent replied to me first time yesterday, he said he'd be available all day, I messaged back and got no response even though he logged in.

So, again, I claim the activity win.


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My opponent never responded to the VM message I left him. He also decided to log off soon after I tried to contact him on PS! yesterday.

So yeah, activity.
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Activity Wins

Wings of Night vs rileydelete - (given win)
Josh vs Rodriblutar - (given win)
Asukara vs kd24 - (did not provide specific times or challenge act. claim)
r0ady vs Oshawott Fan - (did not respond to vm)
amber lamps vs Guilas D - (act claim not challenged)
Scalar vs qwily - (very delayed responses to contact puts qwily more at fault here)
Toxic Crow vs Freeroamer - (did not respond to vm contact)
Skyford vs SoulWind - (very delayed response to contact with no specific times)
passion vs dEnIsSsS - (act claim not challenged)
Steve Angello vs Memoric - (missed time)
Manipulative vs SOMALIA - (did not respond to contact)
SKC44 vs MiyoKa - (did not respond to contact)
Mr. Mendes vs miltankmilk - (did not respond to contact)
Hec vs Hack - (did not respond to contact until 35 mins ago...)
Foggi vs Calloflochie - (did not respond to further contact)
Akashi vs Adaam - (did not respond to further contact)
RedMaxx vsScotti


Cicada vs MONNA LUSA
Hairy Toenail
vs FlamingVictini


Doctor_DraX vs z0mOG - (requested)

R3 coming right up!
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