The Ubers Open V - Round 1

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activity I guess. Opponent never actually tried to schedule a time, while I did.


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NightFox and I scheduled for the evening today, but something came up for him, so he suggested 12 am gmt-4 instead. I haven't seen him online ps and i've been waiting for a little less than an hour. His smogon wall shows he was last online ~4 hours ago. I plan to sleep now instead of waiting longer, so I'm just posting this to have an update on our situation. Hopefully we can play tomorrow but atm i'm a bit unsure on how things will work out.
My opponent responded to my VM with "ok" without giving any times when he was available and never said anything after that. Activity.
act, opp has now missed 3rd scheduled time lol
So at first you schedulded twice with Hassin, saturday you suggested a time and he didnt replay to that. The other two schedulded times you are the one who wasnt online. I think its not so hard to understand timezones. He is gmt +2, you are gmt -8. Hassin was the past 2 hours online and tested teams with me (schedulded time was exactly 1 hour ago). You are the one who didnt show up. Same thing with the first schedulded time. I was online with him and you fucked up with timezones and appeared 7 (LOL) hours later. Thats just a really poor way to call act here, so get your ass online and battle him or you get the act loss bc u missed the schedulded time. And here, take this. Maybe you can schedule better next time after you checked this
I hope i protected my bae well now
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