Tournament The Hit it and Quit it Tour - Round 2 (Post #86)

Aaron's Aron

A concussion update in my info tab
I forfeit because I'm still at away band camp and won't be back until Thursday.
I'm so hot. So, so hot! It's so hot outside. :/


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Round 2 Matchups!

Because a couple of things weren't clear, the pokemon that were chosen were entirely random, based on what people used in the round already. I'm also adding a rule regarding using less pokemon. You can use as many pokemon as you like, however, if you choose to use less than six pokemon, I will multiply the amount of open spots you have by 10. You will then receive that many pokemon on your banlist. So unless you can find a significant advantage to getting 51 pokemon banned, I'd suggest not doing so. With that out of the way, the matchups. Here were the coinflips...

Heysup vs ItzViper482
Pikasohn vs ZoroarkForever
Merritt vs talkingtree
Quote vs The Avalanches
rssp1 vs Eternal Spirit
Jac vs Infamy
Holiday vs failsohard
Mambo vs TheFenderStory
Confide vs ggggd
RZL vs Nineage
Vanillish Wafer vs wishes
John76 vs Bane.

Here are the banlists for everyone:
Inside of that link is another one leading to all of the unique pokemon used in the round. 63, if you were wondering. Also SAVE YOUR REPLAYS or you end up like ggggd did.

deadline is August 9th
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Getting Bellsprout banned really hurts, I had a sun team developed around Bulbasaur and Bellsprout to win the next round. Guess I'll be using something else.
Dear. ZoroarkForever
How have you been? Seems like you're quite busy these days.
It feels as if it has been years since the last time I got to see you.
If you manage to receive this voice message I hope you could try contacting me asap.
I'll be waiting~!
Sincerely. Pikasohn __ beep __ beep __

jk jk I never even pmed you rip sorry about that ;~;
pls pm me if you're alive n~n

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