Tournament The Complete Experience: NatDex Anything Goes Kickoff Tournament - Won by ice-master-523!

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Round 2:

Sets vs wehavecancer
Chloe vs ice-master-523
iKiQ vs MajoraInAFedora
blinkboy vs ADF Test
xavgb vs BaconEatinAssassin
vs Megazard
Shadowmonstr4 vs Bread Sandwich
masterball200 vs GL Volkner
vs GoldenSandslash15
Catalystic vs MDB
Pigeons vs LaBalladeDesCieux
Reffrey vs TheHungrySage

Deadline: Midnight Sunday EST December 15th.
Reminder: All matches must have replays saved and posted within the thread
Where are the replays of MDB vs Cata? There is no indication it was coinflipped or was it?


Banned deucer.
Just lost to Bacon, yeah I know I have a reputation for not liking to lose or whatever but if you can watch game 3 and come to the conclusion that he would have won had he not gotten a critical hit on my Dusk Mane Necrozma, then idk what to tell you. And yes my Necrozma was running EQ *eyeroll.* The crit on marshadow also mattered since Bacon's Eternatus was timid. But Bacon my bro, GG because as I said before this match, I think you're the best player in this tourney. If I can almost beat u with 2 teams that I built today in 10 minutes then I'll take that as an epic "win."

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