Tournament Teamballo II - Player Signups (SV tiers, Custom Avatar Prize)

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it must be the answer
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Name: Lasen
Tiers: SV Ubers
Timezone: +2
Inactivity: I am a good presence until its time for me to play then I got 0-20 and you call me things that not even Lunala would type at their edgiest of phases
Tiers:SV Monotype
Timezone:IDK im in Singapore someone figure it out for me pls
Foreseeable inactivity:School(I might be able to play in class)
Name: ASKid679 (on smogon), Bka Onon (on ps)
Tiers: SV OU, SV Mono
Timezone: +5.5
Forseeable Inactivity: Maybe 2nd half of december


Banned deucer.
nickname: lifewill
tiers: SV OU
timezone: GMT(+2)
foreseeable activity: I am currently unemployeed and I am looking for a job so I don't know. maybe I will get a job but there will not be a problem with the time.
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GMT +2
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Nickname: Hugo on Smogon and anything with HTH on PS
Tiers: Dou
Timezone: +1
Foreseeable inactivity: possibly school but I doubt it will be that major/likely
Nickname: RL
Tiers: - SV OU - SV Ubers - SV Monotype - SV LC- ORAS OU
Timezone: +1
Foreseeable inactivity: no (just night..)
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