All Gens team dump

So I just lost in Callous Cup Top 4 and I think it's time to take a break from mons for a while. Here's some stuff I built recently in a few tiers I enjoy. No long descriptions because that's a lot of work.

ADV OU support ludi + sd hera + rd p2 breloom + subcm rachi heavy offense skarmbliss cm spam skarm stall magdol clear skies dual water crocune + tres special offense singbliss + ddmence sand offense standard 6 tss - jolly dug for starmie or ada dug for restcune cloyster + boltbeam rachi tss zap + astarachi + dol tss

GSC OU vap + light screen bliss stall p2 offense subvap boom offense light screen champ + aa vap tect drumlax + bliss + hera light screen champ + thief miracle houndoom espyjump

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