Tournament SV 1v1 Kickoff - Round 5 [Deadline Monday, Dec 12th]

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Approved by DEG | Art by Kolohe | Hosted by Lumii

Signups | Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4 | Round 5 | Round 6 | Playoffs​

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • The banlist for this tournament is the same as the SV 1v1 ladder on the Smogon University server of Pokemon Showdown, and can be found by using '/om gen91v1' on that server.
  • Games are best-of-Five, and players are eliminated after three losses.
  • If metagame changes occur during the middle of a round, they will take effect in the subsequent round.
  • Battles must take place on main server or smogtours.
  • Replays are strictly required.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts; get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.​
  • After 6 weeks, all players with at least four wins will move into the single-elimination playoffs format. The number of playoff rounds will be determined.​

3-1 Bracket

frostyicelad VS zxgzxg
Nalei VS crucify
Clouds VS Akeras
swag god VS mrextrazy
Fleeting Memories VS Justdelemon
TerraceSpouse VS SiceXV
SwordIsBored VS frogfacts
TrainerPla VS XanderUrBoi
bea VS rumia
bored_glitch VS doc1203
autumn VS BYE

2-2 Bracket
smely socks VS Notater
PG is PG VS LeCehlou
ciarion VS pqs
giove97 VS iKiQ
Go greeninja VS DreamPrince
bo_bobson27 VS kn1ght#6969
LaViejaRaulito VS lavarina
SpaceSpeakers VS MultiPokemon
Itchy VS cleffa hater
Seeyabud VS torterraxx
Ibbyy VS realaccountami?
Lumii VS Vertigo
Bomb21XD VS Murman
GoldenSaiiber VS Gangsta Spongebob
shadowtime2000 VS Urfgurgle
Golden009 VS Nezloe

Congrats to Rafadude, Opchurtle100, XSTATIC COLD, lemonstre1, Marshme1to, and nolenot for qualifying for the playoffs!

The deadline for this round is Monday, December 12th, at 11:59 PM GMT-5. Good luck to all players!
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Calling act on delemon, I've been on for about 50 minutes (got on around scheduled time, just before I wrote on his wall) and he's not been on PS from what I could tell nor has he answered me here since I said I was on (or been on smog for that matter).


seventh world
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3-1 Bracket
vs. Akeras: Akeras stopped responding to scheduling. Clouds gets the activity win.
swag god vs. mrextrazy: swag god missed the scheduled time. mrextrazy gets the activity win.
Fleeting Memories vs. Justdelemon: Justdelemon missed the scheduled time. Fleeting Memories gets the activity win.
TerraceSpouse vs. SiceXV: TerraceSpouse did not respond to SiceXV's scheduling attempt. SiceXV gets the activity win.

2-2 Bracket
ciarion vs. pqs: no visible scheduling, coinflip.
giove97 vs. iKiQ: no visible scheduling, coinflip.
bo_bobson27 vs. kn1ght#6969: bo_bobson contacted, no response, act win.
LaViejaRaulito vs. lavarina: no scheduled time, coinflip
Seeyabud vs. torterraxx: no visible scheduling, coinflip.
Ibbyy vs. realaccountami?: no visible scheduling, coinflip.
Lumii vs. Vertigo: external opinion was Lumii act win.
LRXC vs. Nick: no visible scheduling, coinflip.
Bomb21XD vs. Murman: Bomb only contacted on the last day. Murman gets the activity win.
GoldenSaiiber vs. Gangsta Spongebob: Gangsta Spongebob only contacted on the last day. GoldenSaiiber gets the activity win.
Golden009 vs. Nezloe: no visible scheduling, coinflip.

Updating the OP at the moment. Coinflips and next round will be out soon.


seventh world
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[00:56:53] Lumii~: 2-2 coinflips
[00:56:54] Lumii~: !pick ciarion, pqs
We randomly picked:
[00:56:54] Lumii~: !pick giove, ikiq
We randomly picked:
[00:57:22] Lumii~: !pick LaViejaRaulito, lavarina
We randomly picked:
[00:57:23] Lumii~: !pick Seeyabud, torterraxx
We randomly picked:
[00:57:24] Lumii~: !pick Ibbyy, realaccountami?
We randomly picked:
[00:57:37] Lumii~: !pick lrxc, nick
We randomly picked:
[00:57:47] Lumii~: !pick golden009, nezloe
We randomly picked:
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