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Totally not stolen Battle Tree Data

"Hey, did you hear? They built a brand new facility near that giant Tree in the East!
- What, like a power plant or something?
- No, rumor has it it's a facility where you can battle without bringing your own Pokémon!

- Hah, and next thing you'll tell me you don't even know which Pokémon you're battling with before entering!
- Well, you see...
- ...Okay, I'm game."

When entering the building, you come across a series of wooden platforms sprawled across a beach, surrounded with beautiful rock formations and the ocean itself, spreading to the horizon in its overwhelming majesty. It's strange, since you could have sworn you were in a forest just a moment ago. Another strange feeling washes upon you as you think you recognize the wood forming the platform as the Battle Tree's. However, the strangest thing in the whole building is the eternal sunset: no matter how long you stand in place, that star doesn't seem to move an inch. A bit agitated, you try to reach for you Pokéballs -only to be reminded you handed them over at the entrance...

Welcome to the Sunset Colosseum, a role-playing challenge where you'll have to make the best of the cards dealt to you! That's right, it's a battle facility where you don't bring your own Pokémon, they're all rentals! Of course, that means you cannot increase the Stage of your Pokémon while partaking in it.

Player Details:

There aren’t any major rules for the player. Just don’t pass DQ and don’t insult the ref.

Battle Details:
  • The ref always sends out first.
  • All field resources are available, all moves are permitted, and all weathers are permitted.
  • Nature Power calls Tri Attack. Secret Power may cause Paralysis.
  • At the start of the battle, both parties may choose Hidden Power Types for each of their Pokemon that knows the move. If one of the Trainers does not give their Pokemon a Hidden Power Type at the start of the battle, it defaults to Normal-Type.
  • The ref must always Mega Evolve immediately whenever possible.
Challenge Details:
  • A Sunset run consists of a series of 3 indiviual battles.
  • At the start of a challenge, the ref rolls 12 types out of 18.
    • At the start of the first battle , the ref picks 2 types, then the challenger picks 2.
    • At the start of the second battle, the challenger picks 2 types, then the ref picks 2.
    • At the start of the third battle, the ref picks 2 types, then the challenger picks 2.
    • You cannot pick a type that has previously been picked in the run.
  • At the start of each battle, after both parties have chosen their respective types, the ref randomly picks the Pokémon used by both parties using the Battle Tree Data thread.
  • If the challenger loses, their run ends here and there.
  • All ties are treated as a loss for the challenger.
  • Challenging the Sunset Colosseum costs 4 JC. Anyone wishing to enter must select a floor to battle in. The ref will then use data from this floor to set the battles up. A challenger cannot challenge the same floor twice in a row.
  • A Trainer may not enter this facility twice simultaneously. Additionally, this challenge does not use up one of a Trainer's three battle slots.
  • Inactivity for 2 days will result in a DQ. This counts as a loss and your challenge will end immediately, with you receiving nothing. Ref DQ will result in a subref taking over.
  • When battling on Floors 1-3, items will be off. On Floor 4, it will be up to the challenger to decide on items being on or off, with Mega Evolution and Z-Moves being set to “Off”. On Floor 5, items will always be on, Mega Evolution will be set “On”, and Z-Moves will be enabled.
Role-Playing Flow:
  • A player will post in the thread asking to participate in the Sunset Colosseum challenge and choose which Floor to fight on.
  • A ref will take your challenge if procedures are followed correctly.
  • Claim your rewards in the Prize Claiming Thread as if it were a battle.
  • Wait a week, then you may re-challenge the Sunset Colosseum.
Battle Format:
  • Pokemon: 2v2 Singles
  • Switch = OK
  • DQ: 2 days for actions / 3 days for refs
  • Abilities: One
  • Items: Floors 1-3: No, Floor 4: Challenger’s Choice, Floor 5: Yes
  • Megas: Floors 1-4: No, Floor 5: Yes (one per mon)
  • Z-Moves: Floors 1-4: No, Floor 5: Yes (one per mon)
  • 2 Recoveries / 5 Chills
  • 3 Subs
  • Ref always sends out first
Unique Status Condition Modifications:
  • The Doom status deals 30hp fixed damage instead of fainting the Pokemon. This damage cannot be prevented by effects such as Magic Guard.
Unique Ability Modifications:
  • Illusion has no effect.

After completing each battle, your cumulative rewards grow. Note that the match you lose is still counted as being completed. After each battle, you get 2 RC and 2 TC.
If you managed to beat all 3 battles, you are awarded an extra 3 TC and RC, amounting to 9 TC and 9 RC.

Referee Expectations:

Sunset refs are expected to, in every match, play to end the run. All moves are fair game - from Perish Song to hax spam. Refs are expected to spend time on their calcs, abuse orders that opponents make, and be as ruthless as is possible. Also, remember to have fun doing so.

Ref Payment:

For each battle, refs are paid 4 RC, 2 TC, and 3 JC (to be claimed cumulatively once the Sunset challenge is over). Additionally, at the end of the Sunset challenge, the ref who closed out the challenge is awarded 1 JC extra.

If a ref is DQed, they are paid 3 JC for each battle they complete from start to finish. They are not paid for battles they partially reffed and are not awarded any RC or TC.

To sign up, fill out the below form:
[B]Challenge Thread (if any):[/B] Challenge Thread
[B]Floor:[/B] Floor you are challenging (1-5)
[B]Items:[/B] Yes or No (for floor 4)
Only users: <referee> and <challenger> should be posting in this thread.


[Rolling types]

Picking <type1> and <type2>
<Challenger> to pick types

Refs: Priority to take challenges is as follows:

  • Sunsets that require a subref, and is that user’s first Sunset run.
  • Users about to start their first Sunset run
  • Users in need of a subref
  • All other runs.
Following the above list, always take the earliest you can.

If you wish to become a Sunset ref, please talk to me on Discord or send me a conversation here on Smogon. Sunset refs must be whitelisted in order to be considered for approval.
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I will be hosting 2 beta test runs for Sunset Colosseum. Floor 5 will not be available yet.
First come, first serve!


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And I'll take t'other!

Name: Dogfish44
Challenge Thread: Nada
Floor: I'll test out Floor 3
Items: Off
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