Spikemuth Cup - Round 2

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Calling act, oppo hasn’t responded to initial scheduling message and idt I can schedule on this short of a notice even if they did respond now
Requesting act, opponent hasn’t responded to my initial scheduling message yet
Calling activity, opponent hasn't responded to my scheduling message.
Calling activity, opponent wanted to play on Saturday, but has not replied to further scheduling attempts.
please provide screenshots or tell me who’s wall to view the conversation on
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Banana eater
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Activity Wins:
davidness wins over Billcd
Laz wins over ErickOM03
Mr.GX wins over Apo
ProssettiVGC wins over Arvinraj K III C
Finabas wins over TheEeveeAnimations
sheik0 wins over vtrouter

ChrisVG wins over pat_con5
Chris32156 wins over Enric01
Clipperz wins over Killua_vgc
Humanberrito wins over Arekusabi
CrystalNinetales wins over WinterKnightVGC
incineraire wins over Silensum

PqlarBear wins over ArKaneVGC
Josepharas1 wins over bagelloaf
Akaru Kokuyo wins over Snorlaxsmash
hiidostuff wins over Tanner Mask
MrRishi wins over Chuggle
mattiemoomoo wins over Skraw
Hassaji wins over Kaneki-san
mirai1 wins over neilvgc
Mr.Bossaru wins over Corncob
Tagmouse27 wins over dancingbrownBeaR
NightPigeon wins over isaaqdaseahawk
Omerchh wins over Ze Banded
Accelerator10031 wins over IdolCian
Revenge Killer wins over pinorska
Sampai2006 wins over JoshMcVGC

Proof: https://pastebin.com/XNS7ZPqg

Round 3 will be up shortly
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