Spikemuth Cup - Round 1

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Hey, I contacted my opponent last weekend and sent a reminder on Monday as well and they still have yet to respond. Can I claim activity?


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Re: Players Claiming Activiry
I’ll handle any activity claims tonight after I get home from work. If you’re able to, I still highly encourage trying to get games played
Seeing as Today (the time of writing) is still the 5th/6th and the deadline is the 11th, not to mention the fact that we started early, reach out again to your opponents. Activity calls will only be given later in the week.
Reached out again, still nothing as of today
Calling activity on my opponent, they take 4 days to reply, then ask to play "tomorrow" (which is not very helpful info since I don't even know what time zone they're in) so I try to schedule a game, to which they don't reply to for over 15 hours, and also do not show up to, only to say they are "on now"4 hours after when I said I'd be available. Claiming activity because any game will be on such short notice now.
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