Resource Speed Tiers (Post-Misdreavus Meta)

You should probably add in Scarf Mankey, with a solid speed at 25/26 (Not sure how rounding works for 25.5).
I regret to inform you that this thread has fallen into disrepair after Aaron left us (may he rest in RIP) these old threads probably won't be updated ever so if you want to contribute I recommend either using a more active thread like the Viability Rankings, or just waiting until Sun and Moon comes out, as it is exactly 2 weeks from the time of this post. Again if you want to contribute, just go ahead with this in mind. :D


Although this is updated after the ban of Misdreavus, then why is Drifloon included since it's also banned from ORAS LC (as of now)
or is this updated to the point after Misdreavus' ban and before Drifloon's ban or something else?

EDIT: just noticed how3an's post RIP

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